Do You Weigh More Now
Than You Did in October?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How the holidays pack 'it' on & what you can do to unpack 'it'.

Santa was so good to you this year!  

He left you a thick luxurious robe, some warm bunny slippers, a big box of chocolate, a weed eater and ten unwanted pounds.

Gee thanks, Santa.....

Oh, and what is this? I think I see a weed on top of your old white head, dear Santa.....

Packing Pounds After Holidays End

If you find that you've packed on 5 to 20 pounds since the holiday season began (officially October 31st by the way) then you're about average.  

It's like our Diet Bites 'Old Wise Saying' #1:

When goodies are around, pounds are to be found.

So who's to blame?  Can we say RETAIL? It's that 'Golden Quarter' time of year and unfortunately, we're the guinea pigs. In October, we're hustling about in spooky costumes, just scaring the candy out of everyone. When November hits, we're stuffing not only our expensive buttered turkeys, but also our mouths. By the time that December rolls around, we've all but given up. The fight against Food Crime is just too big and overcomes us.

Most of us are too frightened to even hop on the scales until January 2nd of the new year. And then we panic, looking for the quickest way to melt off the unwanted pounds that we are now jailed inside of.

And the story gets worse, so please hold my hand as we continue through the dark Forest of Diet Truth....

Losing Pounds, Regaining Pounds - The Circle of Strife

Unfortunately, Diet Success isn't on our side. The majority of people who go on a diet, don't win the battle. And for those that do, most regain the weight.  I know, it's terribly sad.  So what can we do?  Just give up like we did during December and give in to Goody Madness?  NO WAY!

Here's what we do:

1. We humans seem to never learn from our mistakes. Only until we get hurt really badly, do we really learn and from there we change and find ways to correct our mistakes.

For those that gained weight during the holidays, that's a lesson - a very important lesson. It's something that you can learn from.

2. With that said, the second thing that we need to do if we've gained weight, is to get it off as quickly and as safely as possible.

3. Once we go on our diet, we need to stay focused and lose all the unwanted weight, once and for all.  There are so many things in life that are totally out of our control. Although it's mighty hard, our weight is definitely something that we CAN control.  You CAN lose weight!  Don't ever give up your Weight Loss Dream because some dreams do come true!

4. When we lose the weight, we need to remember to really be on our toes when the holidays roll around again so that we won't gain back the weight that we worked so hard to lose. As you can see, we've come full circle with #1.

In Conclusion

We can all learn something valuable from our mistakes, including our rotten diet habits. To lose weight, we must really remained focus and want to lose weight more than we want to eat that tempting goody.  And yes, you really can do this!  


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