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Breakfast Meal Planner

1 egg any way you like

2 slices of bacon - preferably microwaved but pan-fried is a-o-k; just drain on a paper towel

1 piece of toast

1 Tablespoon of jam/jelly

1 cup of skim milk

Morning Snack - 1 plum OR kiwi OR small tangerine OR small orange

Lunch Meal Planner

1 cup of beans such as baked, pinto, red, black, Navy, kidney, chickpeas - any variety except green or yellow waxed. Aim to keep the calories to below 250.

1/2 cup of rice OR 1 small wedge of cornbread OR 2 slices of bread - about 140 calories.

1 small can of peaches in their own juice OR in light juice; the can will contain 2 servings - enjoy one serving now and one serving for supper.

1 cup of skim milk

Mid Afternoon Snack - 1 Teaspoon of peanut butter on a saltine cracker.

Supper Meal Planner

Several slices of extra lean sandwich meat, cut into bite-sized pieces; keep calories at 200 or lower.

1 small bag of frozen veggies of your choice; about 125 kcals for the entire bag.

Stir fry the veggies over medium heat using no calorie butter spray generously; add pepper and salt to your personal taste.

Use care not to spray cooking spray directly into burner, which is very dangerous.

When the vegetables are tender crisp, add the meat and stir until evenly heated.

Remove from heat; add a couple of Tablespoons of your favorite sauce. A good sauce is the House of Tsang sesame/ginger.  

Try to keep sauce calories at about 100 or lower.  

Add all the no calorie refrigerated butter that you wish.  

Another good 'taste trick' is to squeeze the juice of an orange onto your stir fry rather than using sauce.

 Dessert: Rest of peaches

 Bedtime Snack: 1 cup of skim milk

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