Constipation & Weight Gain

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Weight Gain Due to Constipation - Natural Constipation Remedies

Can constipation contribute to gain weight?  Yes indeedy.  When the body is unable to eliminate waste, it enters a stagnated phase which includes the metabolism.  Diet Deadlock...

Occasional constipation happens to the best of us, and tends to occur more frequently as we age because the body slows, and of course, ages. 'Living' old things just don't run as smoothly as the newfangled bodies.

Chronic constipation can create serious health problems, and again, can contribute to weight gain.  

If you are at this stage, it is vital that you get your engine running again - to get the sludge out. To do such may require a visit to the doctor who may order a prescription for your constipation.

Most of the constipation-relief prescriptions as well as the over the counter prescriptions are very palatable. Often the taste can be concealed with juice. They also tend to dissolve instantly in liquid and are almost-tasteless so they don't lend a medicinal taste to drinks.  Some may have a slightly plastic taste.

Using constipation-relief products doesn't come without risks. Simply put - you may start to go and can't get stopped without professional intervention. The body can quickly become dehydrated and imbalanced, thus creating a serious situation.

If you are experiencing frequent constipation, please get a check asap.  If your doctor prescribes a constipation remedy, most of these-type constipation prescriptions may cause stomach cramps, bloating and excessive gas.

Nausea may be experienced in some individuals. However, these are also symptoms of this very uncomfortable, painful condition.

As a Health Note - water is one of your best champions in fighting digestive stagnation.

Some more information that may be useful for those experiencing issues of the digestive track:

When the bowel is stagnant or impacted, the following may occur:

Weight Gain

Sluggish Metabolism

Bloated Tummy


Probable build-up of toxins in the body which place it at risk for certain diseases and illnesses.

Why might constipation occur?

Change in diet - such as dieting.

Too little fluid intake.

Too little activity, including amid periods of illness.

Dairy products may cause constipation in some individuals.

Stress whether positive or negative related.

Hidden disease including digestive disorders.

What can be done to fight constipation?  

Actually a reverse of almost all of the above:

Change in diet; take in more raw veggies, more fiber.

Increase fluid intake - more specifically water.

Increase activity levels; strap an inexpensive pedometer to your belt, shirt, pocket or the top of your pants and monitor the number of steps and distance traveled per day. You might be surprised to discover how little movement that you're getting. Healthy adults should walk a minimal of 2-3 miles per day, the variance due to the size of the individual.

Keep stress levels in check; learn methods for dealing with situations which prompt the negative variety in a more positive manner. Many times, working out or taking an extended walk can assist in achieving balance.

Get with your doctor for a check up.

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