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How Many Calories in Wine

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

For Good Health in Moderation

Wine has been the centerpiece of many health studies, and may be a beneficial part of our diet when enjoyed in moderation. Note that the keyword here is 'moderation' because too much can do major damage to the liver.

We've lost good friends and family members who were too fond of the fruit of the vine due to liver damage - and who died decades before their time.

While partying is in and while many individuals feel that it's so hip to drink alcohol, it's one of the most aggressive abrasives to the liver known to mankind.

Most Common Wines & Alcoholic Drinks & Their Caloric Values


A three fluid ounce serving of champagne contains about 75 calories and 12% alcohol. Pink champagne contains 25 calories per fluid ounce.

Red Table Wine

75 calories for a 3.5 fluid ounce serving and it is also about 12% alcohol by volume. White table varieties contain 70 calories per 3.5 fluid ounce serving based on 12% alcohol content.

Rose White: A 3.5 fluid ounce serving contains 75 calories and 12% alcohol.  

Sweet Vermouth: 90 kcals for a 2 fluid ounce serving that is 7% alcohol.  

Dry Vermouth: 65 calories for a 2 fluid ounce serving that is 17% alcohol.

Rosé: 75 kcals for a 3.5 serving that is 12% alcohol.

Wine Coolers: Most that are 12 fluid ounces contain 75 calories each.

Port Wine: Contains 95 calories per 2 fluid ounce serving based on 19% alcohol.  

Sherry: 80 kcals for a 2 fluid ounce serving.

Wine Calories

The following caloric values is based on a per fluid ounce measurement.







Banana 14 Sparkling Burgundy Spumante 26 Baco Noir 24
Honey 17 Cold Duck 25 Merlot 22
Red & White Burgundy 23 Gallo Sauvignon Blanc 19 Chianti 43
Gallo Ruby Cabernet 21 Pink Chablis 23 Gallo Barbera 21
Blackberry 40 Muscatel 40 Gallo Palisano 23
Sweet Catawba 41 Gallo Zinfandel 21 Gallo French Colombard 21
Madiera 42 Tokay 42 Gallo Western Dutchess 21
Concord 41 Meter's Island Red 25 Gallo Rhine 24
Chainti 25 Claret 24 Almaden Light Chablis 14
Dry Sherry 35 Reisling 22 Aurora 23
Regular Sherry 40 De Chaunac 22

Gallo Rosé' of Isabella

Red Bordeaux 23 Gallo Paisano 23 Gallo Vin Rosé 22

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