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Foods in Natural Containers

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Opting for Natural Goodness

There are several foods that are beautiful when served in their own natural containers.

Let's review a few that will fit perfectly into your weight loss plan.

How about starting with the humble potato. It's all dressed-up in a pretty jacket - sometimes brown and sometimes gold, but always pretty as it contains a good amount of dietary fiber content.

And so easy to prepare! Simply pop into the microwave for about five minutes, remove and split down the middle; add a bit of real bacon bits, reduced fat sour cream and light margarine. Add salt and cracked pepper - and we have a meal fit for a king. We can even toss on some steamed broccoli florets for additional nutritional benefits.

Other natural foods that come in pretty containers include: coconuts, corn on the cob, crabs, lobster and pumpkins.

Speaking of containers, the next time that you serve soup try hulling out a small hard roll and using it as a bowl. Or when you're serving a homemade taco salad, try placing it into a flour tortilla shell that has been cooked and formed using no calorie cooking spray. Be sure to use a small tortilla to keep calories in check.

Another excellent container are those little dipping tortilla chips called Tostitos and made by Fritoe Lay. They are perfect for the following featured low calorie recipe for nachos.

Miniature Black Bean Appetizer (on nacho round chips)

Canned black beans will work well in this recipe. Begin by draining them and then rinsing off the juice with clear water via a strainer. Transfer to a deep bowl or a food processor and pulse into a thick paste.

Add a package of your favorite Mexican or taco seasoning to the beans. For the medium size can of black beans add about 1/3 the package then do a taste test before adding more as the commercial spices tend to be rich.

Or you can add your own seasonings from your spice rack: ground chili powder, ground cumin and dried cilantro. The cumin and cilantro can even be skipped if desired. OR - you can simply add your favorite salsa to the mashed black beans.

As you can see, there are several different flavor combinations that you can use in this recipe.

After you have the spices right, add to the mashed black beans and incorporate well. Heat in the microwave until hot.

Spoon the beans into the miniature holders of the Tostitos. Be sure to heat the chips before filling which will keep the bean filling nice and hot.

Top the spicy beans with reduced fat grated cheese and a jalapeno pepper. Serve with light sour cream and diet soda if desired and a side of refried rice.

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