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Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

There are hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions of diets in the world.  

The hard part is choosing a weight loss plan that meets your specific needs.  

A person seeking to lose ten pounds is going to need a different diet than the person who has diabetes and is need of losing 75 pounds.  Women need a different type diet plan than men to meet their nutritional needs.  

Teens who are overweight need a plan much different than a dieting adult. So while it is great that there are so many diets and weight loss plans to choose from, the hard part is choosing a plan that's right for you.

To add a bit more confusion to the kettle, amid all of these diets and weight loss plans are the fad diets.  Fad diets tend to go out on a limb in determining ways for a dieter to lose weight ultra fast.  Unfortunately, quick weight loss is not always safe weight loss.

Many fad diets incorporate starvation methods while trying to make the dieter feel that all is well.  Most fad diets focus on specific groups of the official food pyramid rather than the entire food pyramid which is necessary for total nutrition.

Fad diets catch on fire amid the Dieting Public because they are unique, they are fun to a degree, and people who go on the diet feel like they are part of the wave.

But from there, things generally go downhill - and unfortunately, it's not the weight that goes down the hill, rather the 'diet motivation' that ignited the diet in the first place.

The Weight Loss Solutions

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menusTo find a diet that is ideal for you, your doctor or personal nutritionist is your best source.  

Diet Bites, weight loss, dieting, diet, free diet menusIf you venture out on your own, look for a diet plan that:

- incorporates all the foods recommended in the official food pyramid;

- one that recommends moderate exercise;

- a plan that contains in excess of 1,250 calories per day OR more if you are in need of losing more than 50 pounds;

- an eating schedule that incorporates snacks;

- a plan that allows for rest as well as activity;

- one that has a weight maintenance plan once you reach your goal weight;

- and a diet plan that has a backup plan in place so that you'll remain focused until you reach your goal weight.

We welcome you to read the motivational articles, charts, weight loss success stories and to use the weight loss tools that are anchored at Diet Bites as you continue your Weight Loss Journey. We want to be your Diet Haven and help get you to that magic number.

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