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Motivated to Lose Weight

Losing Pounds Through Motivation

Article by Diet Bites


Telling those unwanted pounds to get lost. It's generally more difficult than one might assume....

Well, we can tell them to do such until the moon rises, sets, becomes full and disappears again - but unless we are motivated to get busy working on removing them from the body, those unwanted pounds are here to stay.

They are much like a house guest that comes to visit and who has a winning personality. Everyone wants to be around the party animal; they are likeable - they make everyone feel good about life and they make people happy.

But amid their stay in your home, once they retire for the evening you can look around the rooms of your home and see that they look like a whirlwind pushed through, right after a tsunami.

Fun to Gain Weight, Tough to Lose

The same applies to unwanted weight. It's fun packing on the pounds. It makes us feel good to eat the foods that we like and to enjoy our favorite drinks and beverages.

We can do it alone - or we can do it with a group.

Whether it's sharing a tub of hot extra-butter popcorn at the movie theater with friends or family - or whether it's dining out at a fast food or fine dining restaurant, more often than not it's a very pleasant experience.

We eat, we laugh, we hop onto the bathroom scales and we cringe, we may even cry. And some of us may even wonder how in the heck 'it' happened.

On that note, we hope that the following articles assist in keeping your level of motivation on high key because without such, your weight loss plan is doomed. And there is nothing happy, friendly or desirable about that!

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