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How Many Calories in Vodka

Article by Diet Bites


Wine has been the centerpiece of many health studies, and may be a beneficial part of our diet when enjoyed in moderation. Here is the calorie count for vodka:

Vodka Calories

Hiram Walker 80-proof Vodka - 65 Kcals per fluid ounce

Let's increase the proof of the Hiram Walker to 100-proof. Now we're at 85 Kcals per fluid ounce. Increasing the strength, increases energy (KCAL) content of the drink.

Calories in Vodka Mixed Drinks

Vodka and Tonic

Using 1.5 fluid ounces of vodka plus 6 fluid ounces of tonic water and 1 slice of lime the mixed drink contains 175 calories and 16 carbohydrate grams.

Vodka and Cola

When using 1.5 fluid ounces of vodka plus 4 fluid ounces of cola we'll see 150 Kcals and 13 carbohydrate grams.

Vodka and Bitter Lemon

If we use 1.5 fluid ounces of vodka, 3 fluid ounces of lemon-lime soda, 3 fluid ounces of tonic water and a slice of lime the drink will hold 180 Kcals and 17 carbohydrate grams.

Vodka Martini

This drink mix calls for 3 fluid ounces of vodka, a splash of dry vermouth and a green olive. The caloric content is 210 with less than one carbohydrate gram.

Tom Collins Cocktail

Prepared with 1 jigger of vodka and 1.5 jiggers of Tom Collins Cocktail Mix; this beverage holds 70 calories and 10 carbohydrate grams.

Black Russian Cocktail

Prepared with 2 jiggers of vodka, and 1 jigger of Black Russian Cocktail Mix; the caloric values equal 75 with 7 carbohydrate grams.

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