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Hungry or Bored?

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Are You Hungry or Nervous? Identifying True Hunger

The most challenging hurdle to overcome while on a weight loss plan are those annoying and bothersome - and yes, hunger pains. They are literally a pain in the gut.

But many times hunger is mistaken for another issue. It could be related to nervousness. To boredom. To stress - so being tired, sad or in having a need to be comforted.

Even the scent of foods can set off our appetite - such as popcorn at the movies or a candle that smells like fresh baked sugar cookies or pecan pie.

The more that we come to understand the reasons why we eat, the more control we exercise over the amount that we weigh.

Let's discuss some tips that can assist in keeping hunger away - and in the ability to identify the difference between hunger and appetite.

What is True Hunger?

True hunger may be the result of too few calories in the weight loss plan. This is why Diet Bites recommends opting for a weight loss plan that is based on the number of caloric intake that the dieter's body will require to support their recommended weight.

For example, Teresa is 100 pounds overweight and is currently consuming 2,500 calories per day to maintain her weight. Her goal weight - or her recommended weight requires only 1,500 calories per day. So if Teresa embraces a 1,500 calorie diet - then she will trim down to her recommended weight.

At some point, she must be able to be content with 1,500 calories per day or she will regain the weight.

By having a daily diet based on recommended weight and the calories to support that weight, Teresa will never have to diet again. There will be times when she can enjoy a few more calories, such as when she engages in strenuous activity - as well as other situations that require more calories.

Tips to Lose the Fat

How many calories do you require to support your recommended weight? This will provide a good pattern.

To keep true hunger away, look for foods that will stick with you for long periods of time such as legumes (beans), eggs, oatmeal and barley.

What is Nervous Eating?

If nervousness is the root of false hunger - get busy either physically or mentally. Grab a cup of tea sweetened with sugar substitute. Relax. Come to terms with your weight loss goals. The realization that you won't be able to indulge in foods as you did in the past is very difficult to come to terms with.

I know - I went through it too some years back. And trust me - there are times when even now I'd love to track down a cheesecake and devour the entire thing - but I know that if I do that, I'd place my good health in jeopardy. I'd gain weight if I continued a feeding frenzy. I'd feel bloated and unhealthy - and uncomfortable.

The food is just not worth that amount of sacrifice. Keep in mind that it only takes a few minutes to consume a plethora of calories, particularly when they are loaded with sugar and oil like cheesecake. But the consequences are very long-lasting and it takes so much longer to lose the weight than it does to gain the weight.

Avoid Boredom

If you're feeling bored, then that's a signal that you need to make your weight loss plan more interesting. Perhaps your activity plan is getting old and stale.

Rather than walking in the park or backyard, try walking in the mall or through a trail at a natural area. Or try something totally different - like flying a kite and running alongside of the kite through an open field.

About Comfort Eating

If you're wanting to eat because you're sad or tired - or just need comforting, food is going to accomplish the opposite effect of what you're seeking.

While our body requires food for survival - too much food is not one's friend. Rather than responding with comfort, too much food will respond with weight gain.

Be Certain You're Hungry Before Eating

Getting in touch with your true hunger pains and knowing what you can do to deal with them can assist you in getting through the weight loss process and on to a healthier life.

Keep motivated to drop the unwanted pounds and don't give up until you do - and be certain to lose the weight safely so that you'll be in the best of health after the weight loss plan ends.

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