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Good Weight Loss Products

Article by Diet Bites


3 Good Products for Your Diet

Diet Product #1, Low Fat Spreads

The no calorie butter sprays: If you haven't tried the zero calorie butter sprays that you store in your fridge, you're in for a treat.

Both the 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' and the 'Parkay' butter sprays are Diet Winners in our books.  

And hot on the heels of the zero calorie varieties arrive the light, reduced fat varieties of margarine and spreads.

While these won't save a plethora of kcals - one serving from regular full-blown margarine contains 60 to 80 kcals per serving and a lot of wads of dietary fat.

In comparison, the lighter varieties contain about 40 kcals per serving, and a lot less wads of fat. Those values range from a decrease of one-third to one-half which is pretty impressive when one is working hard to trim calories.

Our Diet Cream of Wheat Recipe

Cook 1 serving of Cream of Wheat (120 calories). Next, add the butter spray and sweeten with Splenda.  Stir. Add 1/2 cup of skim or reduced fat milk if desired.

Diet Product #2, Whipped Foods

Whipped margarine, peanut butter, yogurt, puddings and cream cheese - all are voluminized with air and are light and fluffy, and contain fewer calories than regular versions - about 1/3 less the kcals.

We prefer the whipped regular products over the low fat because frankly, they taste better and the texture is very smooth and fun to eat.

About Lower Calorie Cream Cheese

The light cream cheeses are lower in calories because fat has been trimmed during the processing steps. Keep in mind that we're referring to those that are in-between the fat-free and full-blown versions.

We would not recommend the fat free cream cheese because it's a bit like what we think wallpaper paste would taste like. The flavor is 'off' as is the texture. We've tried every brand imaginable and all have a very thick, glue-like consistency to them. So unless you plan to hang paper....

HOWEVER, the fat free version is fabulous for baking needs.

The thing about cream cheese that it is so fatty in its full-blown form that it isn't even allowed into the official American Pyramid - along with its buddies, cream and butter.

Diet Produce #3, Diet Soda

Some manufacturers of soft drinks have released drinks that slice the calorie content in half. They contain both sugar and sugar substitute. While we're not big on fake sugar - as long as it is used in moderation it can assist with losing excess body fat.

With the introduction of so many wonderful diet and weight loss products into the market, it's getting easier and easier to achieve weight loss. And that's a good thing!


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