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Healthy Bean Recipes for Weight Loss

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy Recipes Featuring the Legume Family

Because legumes are packed with dietary fiber they are one of the best choices to insert into your healthy weight loss plan.

Let's look at just a few diet recipes that you can make at home with the healthy bean:

Diet Recipe for Jack's Lucky Beans

You know, in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, the boy was very wise to exchange his milk cow for a bag of magic beans. Obviously, Jack knew the power of beans.

After he used a few to climb up into the clouds and slay the giant, therewith taking over his kingdom, Jack took the rest of the beans and made a delicious chili that was very low in dietary fat content as well as in calories.

He took the following ingredients and mixed them together in a deep pot until they were bubbling hot: 1 cup of chopped onions, 1/2 cup of chopped green bell pepper, one medium sized can of kidney beans, one medium sized can of pinto beans, one medium sized can of petite diced tomatoes and 1 package of his favorite taco seasoning.

Farmer Dan's Old Fashioned Beans & Cornbread Recipe

This is a dieting tip more so than a recipe. If you're looking for a meal that will stick to your ribs try eating a bowl of beans and a wedge of cornbread. Add sliced or chopped jalapeno peppers to the beans if you wish or your favorite peppers - or onions too. Enjoy with a big glass of unsweetened iced tea.

Three Bean Pot Mix Recipe

Take one medium size can of pinto beans, one medium size can of black beans and one medium size can of dark kidney beans and mix them together. Heat and eat. Enjoy with your favorite crusty bread.

Low Calorie Mexican Bean Tacos

Using canned refried beans can assist in saving time but you'll need to jack-up the flavors by using your spice rack. Or you can simply add your favorite salsa for that extra kick.

We recommend the following spices and seasonings: ground chili powder, ground cumin and dried cilantro (fresh is even better if you have it on hand). Use as little or as much of the spices depending upon your personal taste buds.

Heat the spicy beans then add to warm corn shells. Add a salad mix of tomatoes, chopped lettuce and chopped raw onion. Add a bit of grated cheese. Use more salsa if desired.

Diet Tips for Beans

- Add drained beans of any variety to your next salad for a dose of protein and dietary fiber.

- Homemade chili always tastes better with beans - and while you're at it, add a can of yellow or white drained hominy.

- If you don't like the taste of the liquid in canned beans, then by all means drain them using a strainer. Add a bit of water and heat.

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