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Sweating to Lose Fat

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Never sweat the big stuff and life will be sweet. ~ Sky

What would you rather do?

A thirty minute exercise routine that leaves you feeling tired, stinky, sweaty yet healthier OR visit a sweet shop that contains all of your most treasured goodies?

What a hard question, eh? I just don't know if I can decide or not. Let's see....sweat and exercise OR chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake topped with strawberries, key lime pie and petite fours?  Hum.  

Dieting Sweat Shop or Sweet Shop?

Come on, 99.99% of us would run to the sweet shop.  The other .01% are idiots. But healthy idiots.  

Nonetheless, the example given above is exactly what the potential dieter must choose between BEFORE embarking on a weight loss plan.

At the point at which the person can say that they want the exercise over the sweets, that is a very good indication that they are ready to face and revel in weight loss.

When a person is able to pass the most alluring goody test, the diet will generally flow smoothly and the person will reach or exceed their weight loss goals.  

Here are some other things to think about...

Eating Requires Very Little Time

Diet Bites - free weight loss tips.  It only takes a few minutes to eat, then it's over. That few minutes of eating can pack on some big weight problems. Is it really worth those few minutes?

Exercise May Lengthen Your Life; It Will Definitely Make Your Body Feel Better

Diet Bites - free weight loss tips.  Exercise may not be fun for all, but it does impact longevity and well-being. If you don't like exercise, try to find an activity that you can learn to live with.

Tom and I enjoy hiking in natural areas because all that walking is superseded by the fascinating things that we discover on our journey.

We aren't thinking how our feet and legs ache, we're thinking, "Oh, what kind of plant is that? And oh my, is that a batch of wild berries over there?"

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