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The Misery of Dieting
The Joys of Weight Loss

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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There are several weight loss kits and plans on the market that claim they make dieting fun. While they can assist in making weight loss a more pleasant experience - dieting is never fun - no matter how entertaining a weight loss plan might be.

Many of the common miseries of dieting and weight loss include the following complaints:

Feeling Hungry

A feeling of hunger that just won't dissipate.

The most common suggestion provided in weight loss plans is to just drink a glass of water so that you'll feel full. If you've ever dieted and have tried this hunger pain tip then you know if only works for about five minutes before the hungries regroup and wager a counter-attack.

Watching Others Glut While You Starve

Having to watch others enjoy your favorite foods while you feast on an olive and a Concord grape.

I remember when I was on my last diet (going on two decades ago when I permanently lost over 100 pounds) and the boss decided to order everyone pizza for lunch. Deep dish even. And loaded with double cheese. And pepperoni.

If that wasn't a trial by fire - then I have no idea what else could be! And to add injury to insult, I was 'volunteered' to pick-up the pizza. Imagine having to drive back to the workplace with a carload of pizza. Six boxes. The devil's number for sure.

To this day, I still remember inhaling the delicious scents of the pizza - hearing the joyous chants of my co-workers as they gnawed their way through all six boxes of pizza.

But I resisted like a good little dieter. I knew that if I surrendered to the pizza that my weight loss dreams would vanish before me - and I wasn't about to allow a deep dish pepperoni pizza to destroy those dreams.

Rotten Breath Associated With Dieting

Bad breath of T-Rex. It's one of the most common miseries of dieting. While chewing gum can assist, the darn stuff creates muscles in the jaw, making the face appear larger than it is - and who wants that?

The Joys of Weight Loss

While the miseries of dieting are the pits - the joy of weight loss is bliss. Here are a few mind-blowing effects that accompany weight loss:

Energy Boost With Fat Loss

An increase in energy as well as a decrease in mental fog.

Trimmer, Healthier Body & Lifestyle

A slimmer body equals a body that just looks more eye-appealing.

Increased Agility, Self-Confidence

Losing excess pounds gives the body free movement to do more. The post dieter can now bend over to pick up that lucky penny. Rather than doing a dance, they can now dance the night away.

And when driving, they won't have to rely on that rearview mirror which at times blocks potential hazards as they can now twist their neck around and make all the right moves.

Trimmer Body Generates Less Heat

Excess fat on the body generate heat making the individual feel hotter year round. This is particularly bothersome amid the summer months. Losing those excess pounds will equal less sweating.

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