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Diet Punch Recipes Low in Calories

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Sherbet Punch Combinations

Sherbet is such a beautiful concoction - fluffy like clouds and a bit lighter in fat gram and calories than ice cream. And it's ideal for making punch.

You can use any of the following soda and sherbet combinations; we'll opt for diet soda which contains zero calories. Sherbet contains about 100 calories per one-half cup serving and only 1.5 total fat grams.

Soda is the preferred ingredient over juice or other beverages as it contains carbonated water and creates a magic fizz when added to the sherbet. Try the following combinations for your next party event:

- Lime Sherbet plus any diet lemon lime soda;

- Orange Sherbet plus and diet orange soda;

-  Pineapple Sherbet and lemon lime diet soda;

- Raspberry Sherbet and diet raspberry soda;

- Rainbow Sherbet works best with a neutral soda such as lemon lime.

Punch Recipe for Holiday Cider

This lower calorie punch recipe is warm rather than cold and must be served in a heat-proof dish.

When I've served this hot cider in the past, I've put it inside a very deep stainless steel pot with a ladle and it's always been a big hit with crowds.

Start by heating apple juice with cinnamon sticks. The amount of apple juice you use depends upon how many people will be attending.

Stud a whole orange with cloves taking care to make clear-cut rows. Once the orange has been studded, use a sharp knife and cut the orange into slices. The cloves should stay studded in the orange rings. Add these to the apple juice.

Simmer on low heat for about an hour. Strain the punch as you'll want a clear, pretty punch. Add Splenda if you wish to prepare a diet punch OR you can use table sugar.

Do a taste test when you're adding the sugar because it doesn't take much - particularly if you're using sweetened apple juice. You don't want your punch to be too sweet.

Add clean orange rings to the cider once it has been strained. You can also add pineapple rings if desired.

Quick & Easy Punch Recipe

Simply mix the following ingredients in equal parts: Hawaiian Punch, Grape Juice, Apple Juice. Add carbonated water for a fizzy effect. You can use diet versions of the juices if you wish to reduce caloric content.

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