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What is a pumpkin?

True or False

A pumpkin is a vegetable.

Botanically, the pumpkin is a fruit.

Protein in Pinto Beans

True or False

Pinto beans are a good source of protein.

True. In fact beans are  pretty 'boss' when it comes to protein grams per serving - about 7 grams per 1/2 cup serving of pinto beans at 110 calories. In fact, almost all beans deliver when it comes to protein grams.

Fat Free Diet Dangers

True or False

A fat free diet is best.

False. The body requires fat for total nutrition. Without fat, our health becomes subject to great risk. Without sufficient fat in the daily diet, hair can come out by the handfuls - but it's just one example of what a fat free diet can do to a body.

Fat within the body helps pad our organs and lends the sheen and shine to hair and nails.

The Calorie Burn Via Exercise

True or False

Calorie burn charts include the calories normally burned during the same period as the referenced activity/exercise.

True. As an example, if an exercise chart determines that Dieter Sally will burn 100 calories during a 30 minute ballet class, the 100 calorie burn includes the number of calories that Sally would burn whether exercising or not.

In actuality, Sally may be burning 45 calories, exercising or not - but it's a great thing that she's burning those additional 55 calories through activity. However, because calorie burn charts include calories normally used by the body, it does  make them a little skewed.

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