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Diet Tips for Soda Lovers

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Sugar is Sweet But Weight Gain is Quite Sour

Are you a soda lover? If you are and if you drink the sugary versions they can reek havoc on your weight loss plan.

But sometimes - only the real thing will do when it comes to soda.

Diet Soda Aftertaste

Diet sodas do have a funky after taste. And they can be addictive. And they can assist in keeping calories limited for the striving dieter who is working hard to shave off those unwanted pounds.

So what's a dieter to do if they don't like diet soda? Drink the regular version, of course. AND - limit the amount of soda consumed per day.

Let's look at Jim who is a soda lover and is currently on a diet to see how he handled his beverages throughout the day.

Switch Soda for Milk at the Breakfast Meal

For breakfast he enjoyed an English Muffin and a scrambled egg along with a cup of skim milk. In his former daily diet he would have grabbed a giant soda and headed out the door for work. He prefers cola based sodas and not the diet versions.

Snack Time, Eliminate Soda - Opt for Fresh Fruit or Fruit Juice

In the old days Jim would grab another soda and a candy bar for mid-morning break. These days he is grabbing a piece of fresh fruit.

Remember That Zero Calorie Original Drink? Yes, It's Water!

For lunch, he also skips the soda and opts for water and a squirt of lemon which he enjoys with a healthy sandwich prepared with lean meat, mustard and fresh vegetables.

For mid-afternoon, he skips his regular soda and chooses to eat another piece of fresh fruit.

Unsweetened Drinks Generally Hold Zero or Minimal Calories

For dinner, Jim enjoy his roasted chicken dinner with a glass of unsweetened tea. Finally, when he is relaxing for the evening he enjoys his soda with a couple of cups of hot air popcorn as he watches his favorite sport's team play football.

Benefits of Limiting Soda

The Caffeine Benefit

Because he is currently limiting soda which contains caffeine, he finds that he is much more relaxed these days.

Eliminating Empty Calories

By limiting soda consumption, Jim is also limiting empty calories, thus losing weight faster.

Saying No To Rotten Teeth

Jim will also get a very good report on his next dental visit as soda contains carbonated water and can impact dental health in a negative way.

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