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On a Diet and So Hungry

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Oh No - I'm on a Diet!

When the dieter pursues a diet, they may immediately think, "I'm on a diet. I am restricted on what I can eat, so I can't have this....

And I can't have that. And, oh dear, I wish this diet were already over!"

If the dieter goes into mode with this train of thought, the train will shortly derail - and that diet will go skidding out of control, off the track, through the Diet Onion Fields of no return - straight off the cliff of failure.

Tragic, isn't it? It's painful to see the smoke billowing from below...

We can't let this happen!  How can we stop the train from getting off the track?  Let's see if we can engineer a bit of help so that our diet plan keeps clicking right along...

Planning Ahead to Forego Hunger

Our little caboose will ensure that our plan is covered from end to end and will help us avoid diversions along the track.  

A caboose represents a diet plan in which the individual begins and ends EACH day with their thoughts and focus remaining steadfast to their fitness goals. If you find yourself veering off the track, take time out to review and make necessary adjustments.

You may need to take an alternate route. If there is a big boulder that has suddenly tumbled off the mountain and onto the track, then have an alternate route in mind.

For Example: You are headed for the office and have enjoyed your morning breakfast of cereal and fruit.

When you arrive, you discover it's Danny's birthday who works in the tower that is three streets over, but it's okay, because the office needed a reason for chocolate cake - which happens to be your favorite. And some idiot was even thoughtful enough to bring chocolate milk and ice cream to the celebration.

What will you do? You're starving because you're on a restricted eating plan.

So, seriously - what will you do?

This is a question that you will need to ask yourself BEFORE it happens, because this type of situation - this 7-headed dragon - will arise again and again while you are attempting to lose that excess body fat.

Foods With Satiety Power to Fight Hunger

Let's get back to the starting point - that being, breakfast. Did you eat well? Did you make foods which have strong satiety powers part of your meal? Those include oats and eggs. Whole grain bread is another fantastic option.

If we move towards the noon and evening meal, we'll want to incorporate fiber and protein into our meal to combat hunger.

We can enjoy any of the following: any beans from the legume family excepting green and wax beans, eggs, nut butters and lean meats.

A hearty bowl of chili prepared with extra lean ground beef will fit into our plan perfectly - and we'll feel full for hours.

Keep in mind that YOU are driving the train. Don't lose control and all will end well. You're going to love your destination!  All aboard!

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