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Olive Oil Benefits

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

One of the Healthier Fats

Using olive oil for better health and weight loss results is a step in the right direction in comparison to others which hold more of the more harmful distributions of fatty acids.

It has been shown in health studies to reduce total cholesterol which clogs arteries in the body - so that's a huge plus and just one reason why reaching for this choice over others - such as palm or coconut makes a good decision.

Here are some more good health notes surrounding olive oil....

Nutrition Values, Calories in Olive Oil

diet bites, weight loss, diet It contains about 120 calories per Tablespoon, but as a note - so do almost all other cooking oils. If you haven't measured out a Tablespoon in a while, you may want to do such. This is a very minimal amount of measurement.

And this exercise can assist where that morning cup of coffee or tea is concerned, too - that is, if you use any type of commercially prepared creamer for a flavoring agent. Generally a serving equals one level Tablespoon. And most people use four to five times that about, making that zero cup of brew contain close to 200 calories when it's all said and done.

Blood Pressure Benefits, Regulation of Glucose Associated With Olive Oil

diet bites, weight loss, diet This precious fat source may help lower blood pressure. That's great news for anyone suffering from such who is seeking natural methods in order to reduce such.

diet bites, weight loss, diet Olive oil may help regulate and lower glucose levels in the body.

Vitamin E Benefits

diet bites, weight loss, diet It contains about 1/6th of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin E which helps to strengthen immunity within the body.

Distribution of Fatty Acids

diet bites, weight loss, diet It contains about 13.5 grams of fat that can be broken down as follows:

Polyunsaturated Fat: 1.2 grams
Saturated Fat: 1.8 grams
Monounsaturated Fat: 10 grams

Extra Virgin, First Press Best

diet bites, weight loss, diet Extra virgin is the first pressing of the olives and considered best. Take note however that sources at the market may not be pure, although the container may state such.

If the container is packing the real stuff it will become cloudy when exposed to cooler temperatures. This state of cloudiness will not impact the flavor.

In addition, the real stuff is flammable.

Once you find a reputable brand that you're certain holds the real deal - then stick with it.

For Healthier Recipes

diet bites, weight loss, diet A bit of olive oil goes a long way on pasta, salads and meat.  Mix just a spoon with spices to create a variety of new tastes for your weight loss plan. Add a bit of large cracked pepper to the oil as a healthier dipping sauce for Italian and French breads.

Although Healthy, Use in Moderation

diet bites, weight loss, diet 100% of the calories contained therein come from fat so keep that in mind when determining your daily nutritional benefits.  

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