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How Weight Gain Happens

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Oh Bliss to Obese

Climbing Up & Down the Weight Scales

Many times an individual enters early adulthood with a rock-hard beautiful body.  Just a few years later, they find themselves overweight and wondering, "How did I go from oh bliss to obese?"

The following are some of the most common faults in the Weight Loss equation.

Marriage OR Partnering, Happiness & Contentment Can Promote Weight Gain

Love equals happiness and happiness equals freedom and freedom equals fun and fun equals foods we love.  

Simply put, when we are happy, we tend to let our hair down, as well as our good sense when it comes to eating. When we're happy, we tend to eat more, thus weight gain.

Days of Sadness Trigger Overeating

Just as we tend to overeat when we are bursting with happiness, sometimes we overeat when burdened with sadness or loneliness. Food becomes our comfort, our companion. And we gain weight.

Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Our lives become filled with work so we don't have time to hit the exercise bars like we did in the old days. Inactivity without a decrease in food intake equates to weight gain.  We also grab foods on the go (i.e. fastfoods).

Pregnancy & Weight Gain

Raging hormones, baby blues and too many pregnancies that occur close together can really play havoc on a woman's figure.

Better Cooking

With time, we learn to cook better.  We grill better ribs, we bake better cakes, we build better burgers.  Good food, good eats. Weight gain ensues.

What is a Weight Loss Plateau?

Often times, a dieter will experience steady weight loss then suddenly, weight loss stalls out. This may last only a few days, or many weeks.

The term commonly used to define this type of dieter's situation is the weight loss plateau.

Because weight loss is at a stand still, weight loss plateaus are often the reason that many dieters get discouraged and quit their diet.

They work hard to lose weight and somewhere along the way they realize they have struggled to climb up a steep hillside and are residing on the weight loss plateau.

When they try to go down and cross the plateau to continue their weight loss journey, it's like they are blocked. And not in just one spot; there are road blocks everywhere!

If the dieter is patient, rewards in the way of weight loss will be substantial. But unfortunately, weight loss plateaus are a chief reason why dieters backtrack and get off their diet plans.

So why is the diet plan suddenly locked in limbo?

A weight loss plateau is simply the body's way of saying, "Hey. I need you to stop and rest here while I catch up. All these wonderful things that you're doing lately have me working overtime.

And no - I don't need you to stop eating healthy or to stop exercising. I just need you to please be patient so that I can bring the weight down slowly. I can't do it too quickly or we would be in big major medical trouble.

So again, continue as you are and don't get peeved at me. I'm doing the best that I can and just need a little more time to balance the body."

Understanding how weight loss works and what you should expect gives a dieter an advantage. Staying on course renders impressive weight loss results. And the great thing is that although it may seem like a long time, weight loss plateaus don't last forever.

Dieting - Staying Motivated to Lose Weight

How can I remain motivated while dieting?

Staying motivated to lose weight while dieting is essential to the success of your diet plan. We have often said that if there was a way of capturing that initial feeling and strong-drive that we experience for weight loss BEFORE going on a diet, then everyone would experience weight loss success.

Whether it's enlisting the help of friends, family, a support group or your favorite website, staying motivated will also motivate your weight scales.

In Conclusion

Know the pitfalls and plank them with solid sheets of diet-wise knowledge. They can be avoided!

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