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Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Most of the shake recipes below are rich and thick and are low in calories and make great snacks or evening nightcaps. Those containing milk actually promote a relaxing and calming mood and may help you to fall to sleep easier.

The teas are so refreshing.  And if you’re planning a party or celebration, there are a few recipes in the mix that will make you the hostess with the mostess.

From time-to-time I have been asked about alcoholic spirits in the daily diet. Whereas wine and other alcoholic beverages have been shown in studies to render certain health benefits, there are other beverages – such as grape and pomegranate juices that will do the same without the addition of alcohol. 

With this said, IF the omission of your occasional glass OR can of alcoholic spirits will end up catapulting you off of the Weight Loss Wagon and IF you have permission from your doctor to occasionally ‘indulge’ then by all means use your best judgment (which actually sounds a bit funny given the subject) to incorporate that beverage into your weight loss plan.   Because alcoholic spirits tend to be very high in calories, be certain to choose wisely.

As to coffee and tea – drink to your heart’s content as long as you’re filling your glass or cup with sugar substitute and a bit of powdered creamer.   If not, be certain to count the extra calories.   As a note, coffee and tea contain zero calories before other ingredients are added.   And of course, it almost goes without saying that water is your best choice of beverage.

A - G

The Antelope | Apple Pie Shake | Bahama Mama ShakeBanana Foster ShakeBelly Bong | Blossom Possum | Blue Hawaii Float | Bossy Shake | Buttercup Shake | Captain's Courage | Call the Doctor | Candy Bar Shake | Caramel Creme Shake | Chocolate Pie Shake | Cinderella's Sweet Sipper | Cinnamon Caress | Coconut Pie Shake | Cream Dream Shake |  Delilah's FlagonDivine Chocolate Mint Shake  | Earthquake Shake | Eggnog Shake | The Emerald City | Eve's Fig  | Fairy Island Shake | Frank's Stein | Funky Monkey | German Chocolate Shake | Gingersnap Shake | Glass House | Goddess of Guava Shake | Gold Dust Float | Great Nut Shake

H - Q

The Hag's Caldron | Honey Ginger Shake | Hourglass Shake | Hubcab Alley  | Hula Stinger | Hummingbird Rush Shake | Indian Summer Shake | Ireland on the Rocks  | Italian Stallion | Jamaican Moonlight | Jungle Madness | Just Peachy | Just Peachy King Shake | The Krazy Kow  | Lemon Pie Shake | Lost in Space Shake | Lost My Marbles | Love Potion #9 | Mmmm & Mmmm M & M Shake | Mandarin Breeze | Marry Gold ShakeMary Ann or Ginger Shake | Medallion Beach Shake | Meet Me in My Hammock Shake | The Milkmaid | Million Dollar Shake | Misted Morning Dew | Monster Makes Me Shake |  Moon Nectar Shake |  Moose is Loose Shake | 100 Calorie Shake | Orange Slice Shake | One Moovalous Shake | Parrot Squawk | Pina Colada Shake | Pumpkin Patch Shake

Pictures of Diet Bites Skinny Shake, Diet & Thin Shake Recipes

R - Z

Rootbeer Afloat | Rose Colored Glasses | Ruby Doobie Do | Runaway Lime Train | Santa's Whiskers | Scotchie Hoot Man | Shake Me Cherry  | Shake Your Booty Shake | Shake & Cake | Shaky Puddin Shake | Siberian Toast | Silver Shadow | Strawberry Banana Patch | Strawberry Shortcake Shake | The Sugar Shake | Sundance Shake | Sundown ShakeThe Texas Tarantula | Tinky Tambourine Shake | Tin Top Shake | Two Pansies & a Hermit Shake | Umbrella of Steel | Very Vanilly Cheesecake Shake | Watermelon Luau Slushie | The Whipping Boy | Whispering Thongdance Shake | Who's Your Daddy Shake | The Winding Lane | Whoopsie Daisy | Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On | The Witch's Broomstick


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