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Diet Skinny Shake Recipe
Umbrella of Steel

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Tips for Pudding

Buttery butterscotch, healthy milk and butterscotch morsels round off this non-butterball shake that tastes so good that it can blow a hole right through an Umbrella of Steel. Best of all - this super shake will satisfy that sweet urge without blowing a hole in your diet plan.

Umbrella of Steel, a Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 4 for about 150 calories each

1 small box of sugar free/fat free butterscotch instant pudding
3 cups of ice cold skim milk

1/4 cup of crushed ice
2 Tablespoons of Butterscotch morsels

small container of reduced fat whipped topping, thawed

Blend all of the above skinny shake ingredients except the low fat whipped topping. When the mixture is thick and frothy, transfer it to chilled serving glasses. Add the whipped topping to the shake mixture. Make sure that all of the ingredients are in drinkable form - particularly the butterscotch morsels. You can fold the topping into the liquid shake mixture if you wish.

Sprinkle with a dash of ground nutmeg or ground cinnamon if desired taking care with the sprinkling as these spices are quite strong and a little goes a long way. If you add too much, it might ruin your diet shake. And if you add too much ground nutmeg, it can make you seriously ill. Just a dusting will do.

Weight Loss Tips, Low Calorie Pudding Tips

When preparing pudding, whether it is a regular or low calorie variety, by simply using skim or reduced fat milk you can save calories and fat grams.

Adding fruit to the pudding will increase nutritional values. Try the following combinations: chocolate pudding and strawberries, vanilla pudding and peaches, pistachio pudding and pineapple and butterscotch pudding and banana.

While giant cookies aren't the most savvy selection to add to your weight loss plan, the tiny cookies may fit nicely. Look for those containing around twenty calories each. Use only a couple; crumble them into the lower calorie puddings - such as the JELL-O instant varieties. Low fat vanilla wafers go heavenly with vanilla instant pudding. Chocolate wafers compliment the chocolate pudding - lemon pudding and gingersnaps, oh my - are we on the road to weight loss success and having fun!

When dieting, it's just common sense that you'll need to avoid foods that are extra high in caloric values and dietary fat content - particularly that naughty old saturated fat and Trans fat content. Therefore, if you enjoy a small square of sliver of cake then you'll want to enjoy it without the frosting. By adding a box of pudding to the cake mix, the texture will become even moister. This is a great tip for coffee cakes, pound cakes and tea cakes. You can also beef-up the moisture by adding mashed fruit such as banana to the cake mix rather than vegetable oil.

Low calorie, low fat puddings make great subjects for cream pies, particularly amid those warmer months when you just don't wish to spend time in the kitchen. Keep in mind that the pie crust can add about 80 or more calories per serving, so shop for those by examining the nutrition labels so you'll make the wisest choices.

Prepare the pudding with low fat milk - then to stretch the mixture, fold in a small container of low calorie, low fat whipped topping that has been thawed. Pour into a pre-baked pie crust.

A good rule of thumb as to the amount of ingredients is: one small box of instant low calorie pudding to 1 small container of whipped topping. You can also opt for the pudding that requires cooking. And if you use a pudding that isn't reduced-sugar or reduced-fat, the addition of the low calorie whipped topping along with a pie crust which contains minimal calories can assist in keeping calories under control.

If you opt for an 80 calorie per serving pie crust, one slice of pie from a crust that offers eight servings per crust will contain about 200 calories with the pie filling and whipped topping. Dust the top of the pie with crushed cookies or a honey graham cracker for added beauty. What looks beautiful to the eye is going to influence the dining experience.

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