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Diet Skinny Shake Recipe
Shake & Cake

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Recipes for Sweet Desserts

Oh yes, you can have your Diet Cake and eat it, too - particularly when it comes to our Shake & Cake diet-friendly recipe. Simple and sweet combine to create elegant and just a tab Diet-Naughty.  

But then again, it's okay to be naughty every now and then. Controlling fat &   controlling calories equals control over what you are deciding to put into your weight loss plan. Choose carefully - make it an effective journey.

Shake & Cake, a Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 4 for about 115 calories each

Blend all of the following ingredients except the ground nutmeg until they are very thick and frothy. Pour into chilled glasses. Sprinkle on a dash of ground nutmeg - and only a dash.

Be sure to serve your skinny shake while it is ice cold as that's when it is at its peak flavor.

Skinny Shake Recipe Ingredients

3 cups of ice cold skim milk
1/4 cup of crushed ice plus sugar substitute if needed
4 miniature powdered donuts (snack cake size we allowed 200 calories)

Dash of ground nutmeg 

Weight Loss Tips, Low Calorie Recipes for Sweet Treats

Many times, sweet treats can contain sweet little calories, too - so when dieting, the concentration is placed on weight loss results and if too many sweet treats are part of the daily diet, then it's going to be difficult to shave off those unwanted pounds.

Therefore, the dieter must make some very wise choices in the area of inviting sweets into their weight loss plan. When planning for sweet treats - think small. Think flavor. Think about lower calorie choices that can replace higher calorie choices.

For example, let's say that Todd is a caramel lover. He likes to drizzle it onto ice cream, cake and even some flavors of pie. But as he is dieting, he can't enjoy a lot of cake, pie and ice cream.

But he can satisfy his caramel cravings by reaching for a tiny disc of candy - such as a Werther's Original. For twenty tiny calories he can allow the disc to slowly dissolve into his mouth while he savors the flavor of caramel.

Let's assume that Becky is on a weight loss plan and she is craving chocolate. Dark chocolate. A dark Hershey's chocolate kiss might come to her rescue - and again, she can allow it to melt slowly in her mouth.

What about Doris who loves cheesecake? What contains fewer calories and can be substituted for her craving? Doris might love the JELL-O instant cheesecake pudding that is available in the sugar free form.

Some foods however can be surprising. For example, a serving of light, low fat sugar free topping contains about 15 calories per serving. For the identical serving amount - a dieter can enjoy real whipped cream that is the reduced-fat variety for the same number of calories.

And finally, let's take a look at George. He is missing cake. Vanilla cake. He adores powdered sugar. What oh what can he enjoy as a substitution? His regular slice of cake with frosting in his former diet contained 400 calories. He can only spare around 100 calories in his weight loss menu.

At this point, George has two great options that won't blow his weight loss plan. He can enjoy our skinny shake recipe above which contains the cake donuts - with powdered sugar OR he can simply enjoy two of the donuts for about 100 calories.

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