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Diet Skinny Shake Recipe
The Moose is Loose

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Recognizing The Little Things Surrounding Weight Loss

There is no stopping weight loss now that the Moose is Loose!  

Sip down one of these babies and you won't even feel like you're on a diet. Add a skinny sandwich consisting of whole grain bread filled with lean turkey, skim mozzarella cheese, fresh spinach and a dash of light Mayo and you'll have a well-rounded meal that will stick with your ribs for hours to come.

The Moose is Loose, a Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 2  for about 160  calories each

2 cups of ice cold skim milk plus 1/4 cup of crushed ice
1/2 Heath candy bar (or you can use Heath bits)

2 Tablespoons of reduced fat whipped topping

Blend all ingredients except the whipped topping until they are light and frothy. Pour into chilled glasses and add topping. Be very certain that the Heath bar is thoroughly blended into a drinkable stage.

Weight Loss Tips: Look for the little things. They really do count.

Need to lose some unwanted pounds? At times, it's not the big things that we do in our daily diet which contributes to weight gain issues - it's those little things that add-up to more than that 'big thing'. Let's take a look at Megan as she goes throughout her day.

For breakfast, Megan is very good and enjoys a serving of whole oats, fresh fruit and a serving of low fat milk. When snack time arrives later that morning she enjoys another piece of fruit. Thus far, she is having a great day in regards to her menu.

Then lunch arrives. Unfortunately, Megan decides to let loose and orders two cheese enchiladas for lunch. The two contain 600 calories. She also orders a regular soda to enjoy with her meal and she adds a large clump of regular sour cream to her enchiladas.

For her afternoon snack Megan decides to take it easy and eats 1/2 of her candy bar. And now she is feeling very nervous and gulps down three cups of caffeine laced coffee along with two small packages of gum. Chew, drink, chew, drink.

Dinner arrives and Megan enjoys a salad. She ate a heavy lunch so she's going to go light for dinner. Later that evening she enjoys the other half of her candy bar before going to bed along with two more cups of coffee.

Now - it's time to add up those little things that created the damage throughout her day. It's wasn't the enchiladas; in fact if she would have just enjoyed those along with a diet soda and no sour cream - all would have been well.

Megan's caloric content started going downhill when she added over 200 calories worth of sour cream to her enchiladas. Then she added another 150 calories with the soda.

That afternoon she didn't help matters when she added another 150 calories of the candy bar - and the remaining 150 calories before bedtime. The gum was regular - not sugar free. Each stick contained 10 calories; with ten sticks in the mix she had an additional 100 calories.

With five cups of heavily sugared and heavily creamed coffee - she added an additional 200 calories per cup for a whopping 1,000 calories.

Next, she added five recommended servings of the full blown salad dressing to her salad rather than one. She also added a plethora of croutons and shredded cheese along with a heavy dose of bacon and hulled sunflower seeds.

Oh my, how those little things add up, don't they?

But Megan experienced other issues - not only the overage of calories and fat grams. Her tummy didn't feel so hot after being overstuffed all day.

She found difficultly sleeping - which she suspected was due to overeating because she had heartburn, but the fact was that the overage of coffee and the caffeine content was enough to keep her humming until dawn - Sandman or not.

While Megan blamed the weight gain she experienced the following day on the enchiladas - it wasn't that one big thing that took things out of control, rather all those little things that added up to a really big something.

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