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Diet Skinny Shake Recipe
The Marry Gold

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Tips for Resisting Temptation While Dieting

Hop out of that Diet Coconut Tree and whack away at our tasty, low calorie Marry Gold Shake instead.

Club Soda, pineapple sherbet and a dash of lemonade take tarty goodness to a new Diet Level. So good, our Marry Gold Shake deserves a tiny drink umbrella.

The Marry Gold, a Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 1 for about 125 calories

1 small single serving packet of Lemonade Crystal Lite (5 calories)
1 cup of club soda
or the zero calorie fizzy water of your choice
˝ cup of pineapple sherbet (110 calories per ˝ cup)

1 teaspoon of yellow sugar sprinkles

Make lemonade by substituting club soda or fizzy drink for the recommended amount of water. Not sweet enough? Then add zero calorie sugar substitute if you wish.

Next, spoon the pineapple sherbet into a chilled beverage container and pour on lemonade. Sprinkle on the yellow sugar crystals to create a ‘gold dust' effect. This skinny shake recipe is not only tasty and filling - it's also fun to make and drink!

Weight Loss Tips: How to Resist Temptation

So you're on a weight loss plan headed to a lighter spot in life - one that contains far fewer pounds on your body - a weight that is more in-line with what your body was built to carry.

You're aware that along the way that you're going to experience a lot of temptation and you're prepared for that. But what you're unprepared for is what to do, how to react when temptation strikes.

The situation is quite like being frightened when you're alone, but when you're with a crowd - you act fierce and brave.

There is some form of comfort where a crowd is involved. But when dieting, we're basically alone amid the process.

Even when we have a friend or family member who is losing weight alongside us, they can't feel the things that we feel. Our temptations where food and drink is concerned is original.

So what should you do and how can you avoid a collision with temptation when it strikes? We have some great tips that can assist.

At this point, you're already ahead of the weight loss game because you're aware that at some point, temptation will block your path. It may be in the form of a donut or cupcake that you adored in your former unhealthy diet or it may be a holiday meal or celebration.

For argument's sake, let's say that dieter Don was doing great on his weight loss plan.

One of his favorite foods is pizza. So he is at work and his rotten little co-workers decide to order pizza. Don is great - he resists temptation even though the lovely scent of garlic and cheese along with fresh baked bread is wafting up his flared nostrils. Even Mister Ed would be jealous at this point.

Ten minutes after Don has finished his skimpy salad of wilted greens, he wanders into the break room and discovers a half of a pizza left behind. What should he do? It's his call - his decision!

His mouth waters; his eyes bulge from his face; his nostrils grow larger still. Then he slaps himself to his senses. He doesn't want to ruin his diet. Besides, he didn't even contribute any money towards the crummy pizza to begin with.

His stomach growls.

It is at this moment where he makes a decision that will continue to change his life forever.

He returns to his desk and plots tomorrow's lunch. No more whimpy wilted salad. No sir. Tomorrow he's going to bring a thermos of beans and a wedge of cornbread. Well, that might be a bit gassy so he amends his menu to a skinny chili recipe that he discovered at good old Diet Bites.

Good for Don! This is what it takes - sheer unadulterated willpower to overcome the fat monster.

We are pleased to report that Don went on to lose all his unwanted weight; his nostrils have also deflated down to size. Congratulations there, Don!

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