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Diet Skinny Shake Recipe: M & M

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Recipe for English Crumpets

Yummy M & M's can fit into a healthy diet plan - just like most any food. The Diet Trick is to keep treats within moderation. Be sure to blend thoroughly - until the M & M bits are fully drinkable.

Mmmm & Mmmm, a Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 3 for about 155  calories each

2 Ĺ cups of ice cold skim milk
1 single serving package of M & Mís

2-4 ice cubes
& sugar substitute if a sweeter shake is desired
6 Tablespoons of reduced fat whipped topping 

Blend all ingredients except whipped topping until light and frothy. Pour into chilled beverage glasses. Top with whipped topping.

This skinny shake recipe is very rich and filling and it goes exceptionally well with Diet Bites English Crumpet recipe. This is another very easy recipe to prepare using minimal ingredients.

The English Crumpets can also be enjoyed with fresh fruits, including fruit spreads, preserves, jelly and jam.

As to these little sweet no-nothings, when an overage is used - the calories climb quickly as they contain about 50 calories per serving. But when used in moderation, oh my - they can add a splash of 'oh happy day' to your weight loss plan.

To mix things up a bit, rather than the standard grape, apple, peach, plum, apricot and strawberry versions of jam, jelly and preserves - try different recipes offered at your market.

You may find some new favorites. Cherry preserves is absolutely awesome, as are fig and pear preserves. The blackberry and blueberry are also quite stunning where flavor goes.

And now, let's view our easy recipe for English crumpets. Don you're finest clothes when dining on this tasty bread-stuff....

Recipe for English Crumpets

Recipe Ingredients:

1/4 cup of water
3/4 cup of reduced fat milk
1 Tablespoon of sugar
1 package of yeast
1 beaten large egg
1/2 teaspoon of table salt
1 Tablespoon of melted margarine
1 cup of all-purpose flour

Grease about one-half dozen crumpet rings OR spray with non stick cooking spray. Begin preparing the recipe by scalding the milk, water and sugar; you can use your microwave for this purpose if you wish, or the stove top method.

Cool the scaled milk to lukewarm and then sprinkle the package of yeast over the milk. This will need to sit for a minimum of five minutes; the mixture is ready when the yeast appears softened. Stir this mixture gently after the yeast softens.

Add this mixture to the following that has been combined in a separate bowl: 1 beaten egg, 1/2 teaspoon of table salt, and the melted margarine.

Next, add the flour and beat by hand until no lumps remain. Pour batter into the crumpet rings and bake until golden brown - or you can cook on the stove top.

As to the addition of the margarine, you can opt for butter if you wish because butter is a key ingredient in traditional crumpet recipes - and the amount is very small. We do not recommend the reduced fat margarine or spreads for this recipe.

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