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Lost in Space

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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The stars are anchored high above in the night sky, as we settle back and gaze into the shattered universe, our diets the last thing on our minds as we drift into bliss with our tasty Lost in Space Shake.

Lost in Space, a Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 6 for about 125 calories each

4 cups of ice cold skim milk (360 calories)
can of light fruit cocktail, drained and packed in its natural fruit juices

1 small box of sugar free/fat-free instant vanilla pudding

small carton of reduced fat whipped topping, thawed

You can also use a bit of crushed ice for a thicker shake as well as sugar substitute if you like a sweeter drink.

Simply blend all the ingredients until light and frothy. Pulsate until fruit is desired size (drinkable form). Gently fold in the whipped topping  and transfer into chilled beverage glasses.

Weight Loss Tips, Low Calorie Recipes for Fruit Cocktail

- You can create a fruit cocktail cake by simply adding one medium can of fruit cocktail to the prepared cake batter. Spice cake, pumpkin cake, chocolate cake, vanilla, coconut and butter cake mixes are all good candidates for this recipe. Be sure to drain the fruit before adding to the prepared batter. You can even use the juice in place of the recommended amount of water for a richer flavor.

- A dollop of reduced fat whipped topping goes a long way where fruit based desserts are the star.

Let's be nice and also add a bit of spice. Simply add a good dash of ground cinnamon to a serving of fruit cocktail; carefully turn to coat the fruit.

Serve with a dollop of reduced fat whipped topping (thawed). Dust the top with additional ground cinnamon if desired.

- You'll save unwanted calories if you purchase the fruit that is packed in its natural juices.

Blend into a fruit puree and add to recipes instead of the recommended amount of oil. You can even use this technique for our fruit cocktail cake recipe above.

- Drained fruit cocktail which is packed in its natural juice marries well with reduced fat whipped topping.

You can even add a drop of two of food coloring to the mixture to suit the mood of the occasion - such as a party or special holiday. For Saint Patrick's Day, use green, for Valentine's Day use red, for a summer day picnic, use a dash of yellow.

- Most fruit pairs well with meat proteins. The next time that you prepare lean pork chops, try adding canned fruit cocktail and a bit of the natural juice to the pork chops at the end of the cooking stage.

- What is the caloric difference in fruit cocktail packed in heavy syrup versus that packed in natural fruit juice?

One cup of the heavy syrup concoction contains 150 calories versus 76 calories for the natural. Go natural and you'll save almost one-half the calories plus half the sugar grams.

And if the can is packed in extra heavy syrup, those calories shoot to 229 per cup.

- Cottage cheese that is of the low fat variety can be pretty bland and may not be palatable for all dieters. But when it's tucked into a recipe or mingled with other ingredients, that bland taste can be masked quite well.

Such is the case when fruit cocktail is added - a sweet, yet oh-so-light dessert or the combination also makes a delicious side item at meal time.

- Add fresh fruit that you have on hand to enhance and stretch that can of cocktail.

Sliced bananas, grated coconut, sliced peaches, sliced apples and pears and sliced kiwi all go wonderfully well with fruit cocktail.

Also pop a few blueberries, blackberries or sliced strawberries into the bowl. What a healthy mix that you can feel great about enjoying while you are losing weight!

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