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Skinny Shake Recipe
The Italian Stallion

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Coffee Tips for Dieters

Beautiful, dynamic, arrogant - nostrils flared and hooves reared, our studly Italian Stallion shake contains 55 wimpy calories. Just goes to show that some things can be deceptive.

This shake is so diet-friendly, let's ride it bareback, k?

The Italian Stallion, a Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 2 for about 55 calories each

1 cups of ice cold skim milk
cup of strongly brewed Italian coffee

1 teaspoon of REAL vanilla extract

2-3 ice cubes
1-3 packets of Splenda or Equal if extra sweetness is desired

Blend the above recipe ingredients until they are light and frothy.

If you like coffee, has Diet Bites got some spiffy tips as well as recipes that can fit nicely into your weight loss plan!

Weight Loss Tips, Low Calorie Tips for Coffee

Do you like coffee as much as I do? Then we have something in common! I love coffee, particularly the flavored coffees but too much caffeine poses health concerns, so I try to avoid those that contain such.

The downside is that the flavored caffeine-free coffees are too expensive for my Model-T pocketbook.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing because the situation prompted me to experiment with getting the most out of my coffee via littletechniques and personal recipes over the years.

Here are a few of my favorite simple tips for coffee - and they can be used in both caffeine and decaf coffees. They will add minimal calories to your mug.

- Drop a Werther's Original into a cup of hot coffee; stir until it dissolves. This adds a caramel note to the coffee with hints of brown sugar tones.

- Speaking of brown sugar, it contains less than 20 calories per teaspoon and makes a great option for flavoring coffee.

Just a spoon will do. One packed teaspoon contains 17 calories and a loosely packed teaspoon, only 11.

- While fat free creamers are grand, they are also bland. They save the consumer about 10 calories per serving on average.

Common creamers as found in the dairy section at the local market contain about 35 calories per serving - and at times, 45 calories. The reduced fat versions contain from 25 to 30 per serving.

For me, the coffee isn't sweet enough with the low fat creamer - and I find myself tempted to add more sugar. It's also lackingcreaminess, which tempts me to add more creamer.

I'm better off going with the full-blown and using a tab less than recommended per serving - and for that additional 10 calories, I can enjoy my cup of java.

- This tip relates to our first suggestion; you can add your favorite 20 calorie disc of hard candy to coffee just as we did the Werther's Original.

Butterscotch discs, cinnamon - and even coffee flavored discs. And if you have a sucker that you're working on to quell hunger, you can even stick that into your mug and allow just a bit to dissolve into the coffee. Remove and enjoy the rest later.

- The next time that you're preparing a coffee cake, substitute the recommended amount of water for plain coffee. The cake will acquire a rich, wonderful flavor which will be enhanced when served with a cup of java.

- Coffee also goes wonderfully well tucked inside of pudding mixes. Simply substitute 1/2 to 1 cup of the recommended milk for plain coffee.

- For iced coffees, freeze leftover fresh coffee in trays. Un-mold when frozen and add to a glass for your iced coffee recipes.

Regular ice will dilute the flavor of the coffee whereas the frozen coffee will add more coffee flavor - creating a richer drink.

- If you're like me and prefer your cup with sugar and creamer - or with just one or the other, be sure you set aside time to enjoy that cup rather than gulping it down and not realizing that you did such.

Relax - savor the delicious moment.

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