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Skinny Shake Recipe
Ireland on the Rocks

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Sugar Tips for Dieters

Ire-up that bonny diet with our tasty Ireland on the Rocks shake. Creamy Irish syrup and milk build this Irish Rock - so bonny low in calories weighing in at about 100 per serving.

Enjoy with a friend for good luck, but hide this delicious potion from all wandering leprechauns.

Ireland on the Rocks, a Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 2 for about 100 calories each

1 cups of ice cold skim milk (135 calories)
2 Tablespoons of Irish Cream Creamer (70 calories)

2 Tablespoons of sugar free Irish Cream syrup, totally optional

Crushed ice for thickening power - about 1 Tablespoon.

Blend and pour into a chilled beverage glass and enjoy while still ice cold. If you like a sweeter nectar, then add a bit of sugar substitute for zero calories.

Weight Loss Tips, Sugar Alternatives for Dieters

Do you have a Sweet Tooth as deep as the Grand Canyon? If so, then I can relate. And unfortunately, sugary foods tend to contain a plethora of calories - as well as fat more often than not.

The key to keeping trim is to win in the following challenge: Can you look at donut in the eye and resist?

That's what you're seeking - the fortitude to see and sniff the sugary goody - but to also resist with a fierceness, and to be very proud that you have control over what goes into your tummy, no matter how much you would enjoy that sweet little temptation.

If you're like most individuals with a deep Sweet Tooth, then you know that once you invited that donut into your tummy that you'd want another, then another - and before you knew what happened,you would have devoured that baker's dozen.

So how many calories are in a baker's dozen of donuts? Donuts contain about 300 calories - and that's based on a common sized donut, not the donutzillas often found in convenience stores and gourmet bakeries.

Therefore, a baker's dozen contains 3,900 calories; one dozen contains 3,600 calories. If you ate the entire box, how much weight would you gain? Let's see...

Let's use dieter Ames as our example. His body requires about 2,200 calories per day in order to maintain his current recommended weight. He balances his diet with a daily thirty minute walk - each and every day, no matter the weather as he has an electronic walking machine as a backup.

If Ames splurges on the baker's dozen, he will have consumed an overage of seventeen hundred calories (3,900 minus 2,200 equals 1,700). One pound of body weightequals 3,500 calories. So he would gain about a half of pound from his splurge.

Because it's very difficult to work off those 1,700 calories via exercise, he will gain weight.

Ames can work off a few calories by doing some additional activity; now if he is climbing a mounting amid brutal cold temperatures - then yes, he would be able to more than burn off those 1,700 calories.

If you're like Ames and you have that deep Sweet Tooth, let's look at some sugar alternatives that can save you from weight gain and that promote weight loss while you are dieting.

- Fruit can be bland but it can also be sweeter than sugar. Once you find a fruit that is really sweet, stock up!

We enjoy strawberries - but never in my life had I experienced a strawberry as sweet as the ones that our local Brookshire's sold a couple of years ago. They were like entering the Gates of Heaven on a fluffy white cloud. We went back to the store and loaded-up on these beauties.

Frozen fruit can also be iffy; I've had frozen peaches that were sweeter than cream - and some that tasted green and bland. Therefore, frozen fruits are a gamble. It's best to handle the fruit - sniff it for sweetness before purchasing.

At times, I'll wash the fruit off in the car -and purchase only one fruit - such as a plum. If it is sweet, then I return to the inside of the store and purchase more. If it's bland, mealy and inedible, thenI've wasted money on one plum rather than a bag.

- Don't forget about natural sweeteners like honey and real maple syrup. It only takes a tab to get the job done.

- Keep in mind that the less sugar that you eat, the less you'll want. Sugar is readily used by the body as 'quick energy' and it also quickly disappears, once eaten. You'll soon be craving something else to eat after that.

You can easily fix the situation by opting for a snack that will stick with you such as beef jerky - or even a teaspoon of peanut butter without added sugar.

Making wise choices equals a thinner and most importantly, a healthier you.

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