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Skinny Shake Recipe
Indian Summer

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Weight Loss Tips for New Dieters

The breeze sways from the north, stalling the breath of Autumn for a spell longer so that we can enjoy a tall Indian Summer on the veranda.  

A mixture of pecans, pineapple, oranges and brown sugar - this diet drink is  almost too naughty to be so 'Diet Good'.

Indian Summer, a Diet Shake Recipe 

2 cups of reduced fat, skim milk plus cup of crushed ice (180 calories)
1 small can of unsweetened pineapple, crushed variety and drained 
(140 calories)
small carton of light, reduced fat whipped topping, thawed 

2 Teaspoons of crushed pecans

1 Teaspoon of imitation rum extract

light brown sugar

1 teaspoon of grated orange peel (optional)

You can certainly add sugar substitute if you need a bit more sweetening power. Be sure to completely drain the pineapple before using. You can also freeze it beforehand and substitute it for the crushed ice. Use pineapple packed in its natural juice for the lowest caloric content.

To prepare this skinny shake, incorporate all ingredients except whipped topping, grated orange peel, brown sugar and rum extract using a blender. Be sure that all the ingredients are easily drinkable. You will be blending the following ingredients: skim milk, pineapple, pecans and the ice.

The crushed ice is necessary because it will add thickness to the shake. You can add just a spoon of moist coconut to the recipe if you wish - along withcoconut extract; just a splash will do.

Next, distribute this mixture evenly into four chilled serving containers; see-through glasses make a lovely presentation for party-time or anytime. Now it's time to prepare the topping.

Carefully stir the rum extract flavoring into the reduced fat whipped topping and distribute evenly into the beverage containers that are filled with the pineapple mixture.

Very carefully, bring the pineapple mixture up from bottom of glass with a long wooden spoon so as it is swirled through the rum flavored topping OR you can enjoy with the topping on top.

Dust all of the containers with grated orange peel and brown sugar. You can use the skinny-ized version of brown sugar if you wish to save a few calories.

This Diet Bites skinny shake recipe serves three for about 125 calories each.

Weight Loss Tips: Your New Diet Plan

If you are confused and frustrated over where you should begin when it comes to losing those excess pounds, opting for the simple route is always best. Whenever we start any type of project, we always have a starting point. Such as losing weight.

Most of the time, it's easier to get started losing weight than it is to 'keep losing weight' - until all those extra pounds are gone.

Therefore, as you set out on your weight loss plan keep this in mind. Hold on to your determination - which is often referred to as willpower in the World of Dieting.

When you start your diet, there is no time like the present - but that isn't always doable and your diet plan may lose steam before it even gets off the ground. Here are a few tips that will help at the beginning of your weight loss plan:

- Starting a new diet on a Monday might work best as you'll have the entire week to adjust to your eating schedule before 'Temptation Weekend' arrives.

And when it does arrive, that first weekend you can go out and about and start experimenting with the type of activity you'd like to insert into your routine. It may be walking, dancing or roller skating. All activity is good when the new dieters doesn't over-do.

- Starting a new diet when the holidays are arriving is very difficult. On the other hand, if the dieter delays their plan, they risk overeating amid the holidays - trying to get in a few 'good last feeds'.

Therefore, you might do best in watching your current diet during the holidays, incorporating more activity and then hitting your weight loss plan in full force after the holiday ends.

- If an individual is going on a diet and is unable to stay on it for more than a few days, we get into Yo-Yo Dieting territory which can equal massive weight gain over the long term. T

his type of dieter may go on a plan that lasts for a week, then hop off and gorge - making up for lost time. A month later, they may make another attempt at losing weight - yet the diet only last for half a week.

Again, they make up for lost time. A couple ofweeks later, they go back onto a diet - but this time it only last a couple of days before the bingeing begins. At this point, the post-dieter has gained quite a bit of weight due to Yo-Yo Dieting.

Therefore, before you go on any weight loss plan - be sure that you're ready to remain true until your target weight has been achieved.

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