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Skinny Shake Recipe
The Hourglass

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Recipe Tips for Pears

Stunning, shapely and simply a well-rounded diet shake for a skinny 100 calories per serving. Pears lend an apple-hint when the ground spices are added. Share this skinny shake recipe with a friend over small-talk.

The Hourglass, a Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 2 for about 100 calories each

1 cups of ice cold skim or reduced fat milk
2 canned pear halves, drained and packed in natural juices

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

teaspoon of ground cloves

1-3 ice cubes (freeze some of the pear juice for added oomph!)

1-3 packets of Splenda or Equal if extra sweetness is desired 

Blend all of the above recipe ingredients except the pears until thick and frothy. Add the pear and pulsate or mix gently so that the fruit is still detectable. Pour into chilled beverage containers. Enjoy cold.

Weight Loss Tips, Low Calorie Recipes for Pears

One of the best pies that I ever made was a mock-apple pie which used fresh pears instead of traditional apples. We had an ancient grandfather pear tree in the backyard where we lived at the time, and oh my - did we enjoy the pears that grew on that tree. They were so sweet and delicious.

And the tree was so generously loaded with the sweet fruit that there was plenty for us, for the little critters that passed that way with fruit left overto be shared with our friends.

I remember standing in the backyard one day and looking towards the tree. There was another street behind our street, so where our backyard ended, the neighbor's backyard on the juxtapose street began.

There was a huge dead oak tree anchored in that backyard - and at that time, the house remained empty with a 'for sale' sound posted in the front yard.

As I was just gazing into the distance and looking at the pear tree, I caught some movement and saw that huge dead oak tree fall - and the noise was so loud. The ground shook a bit as the tree hit the ground and until I'd witnessed this event, I'd never thought about how heavy trees really are, and how deadly they can be.

If I had been gathering the pears and that old oak had swayed just a bit towards our backyard, then it might have plastered me. It would have certainly smashed all of our delicious pears.

The soil that was located at that house was some of the richest I've ever seen. We grew tomatoes as big as small pumpkins it seems - but like fish stories, things tend to enlarge as time goes on and as the story is recanted several times over, don't they?

Let's get to our tips for pears and how they can assist with impressive weight loss results.

- Cored, seeded and peeled pears work wonderfully well as a dessert when heated in the microwave. You can even add a dash of sugar, reduced fat margarine and ground cinnamon to take them from sweet and plain to gourmet.

- If you are short on apples, you can add pears to the recipe as I did with my mock-apple pie and the textures and flavors will be hard to distinguish apart. Apples and pears make a very good marriage.

Speaking of which - we've all heard about the Apple-Pear Theory in regards to health risks. Those individuals who are pear shaped tend to have less heart and health issues while the apples don't fair so well.

If you're an apple - take heart because you can slash your risks by reaching and maintaining your recommended weight.

Even the loss of a tiny amount of weight - five pounds or so can boost your health and even lower your blood pressurereading.

- Dried pears are healthy but they are significant in caloric content so enjoy but only a few. One cup of dried pear halves contains a whopping 472 calories and over 125 total carbohydrate grams.

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