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Skinny Shake Recipe
The Great Nut & Low Calorie Cookies

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Weight Loss Tips for Cookies

If you love cookies and milk, you'll love this diet friendly twist. Reduced fat Pecan Sandies blend with healthy skim milk to create a match made in Diet Heaven. All aboard!

Great Nut Shake Recipe

Serves 2 for about 135  calories each

1 cup of ice cold skim milk
1 Pecan Sandies Reduced Fat
1-3 ice cubes for thickening power
cup of plain low fat/sugar free yogurt

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Sugar Substitute if extra sweetness is desired

Blend until frothy and serve immediately in chilled glasses. Be sure to blend the cookie so that it is in a drinkable state. This recipe is more like a thick cookie or cake shake - where there is a bit of texture to the drink.

Weight Loss Tips, Low Calorie Recipes for Cookies

Can cookies as well as other desserts be included in a weight loss plan? To answer that question, let's ask another. After you lose the unwanted weight, will you ever eat a cookie again? More likely than not, your response is going to be with yet another question, "Gee, if an exercise machine explodes in the forest and there is no dieter there to hear it explode, will it still make a sound?"

All kidding aside - of course you're going to eat a cookie at some point in the future. You see, this is a great situation where we can aptly explain the trouble spots with the majority of weight loss plans.

Rather than going on a severely restricted calorie diet and starving your way to thin - rather than exercising until you turn purple in the face, if the dieter will simply determine the amount of energy that their goal weight requires and stick to that amount, then those extra pounds will naturally disappear from the body.

While this might sound a bit magical, there isn't anything magical to the weight loss process. Simply put, once the weight is lost if the dieter does not stick to a daily diet that supports their new weight, they will either gain or lose more weight.

If there are too many calories to support the ideal weight, then weight gain is the result. If there are too few, then weight loss occurs.

So at some point in a dieter's life they will have to maintain a daily diet suited to their caloric needs. Why not now? Why not forget all about this difficult dieting stuff? Why not build your daily diet around the healthy food groups and become naturally thin?

Because to stay thin, you'll have to do this. And you'll need to be able to fit things into your menus going forward, such as an occasional cookie.

Speaking again of cookies, here are a few of Diet Bites favorite tips:

- When enjoying a serving of low fat, reduced sugar pudding try crumbling a small cookie into the pudding and allowing the dessert to sit in the fridge for at least an hour before serving so that the cookie softens. Small cookies tend to contain from 20 to 35 calories each and can assist in satisfying a sweet craving.

- Enjoy your cookie with a serving of skim milk for an additional 80 calories. The milk will provide more nutritional values to the snack.

- For a healthy quick cookie, no back recipe take a bit of whole oats and combine with a teaspoon of whipped peanut butter. Add a spoon of sugar or you can use sugar substitute if you wish. Pat mixture into a couple of flat cookies.

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