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Appetizer Recipes With
Frank's Stein Skinny Shake

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

He's alive, he's alive, he's alive! Alive with flavor, that is. Nothing scary about our frightfully-delicious Frank's Stein.  

Simple pour this recipe into a punchbowl. Be sure to line the rim of the punchbowl with plastic spiders for your next Halloween party or scary event.

Below our recipe we'll provide more tasty, low calorie recipes that can make your party a smash without smashing your weight loss plan.

So many times, party and holiday related events will take the most serious and dedicated of dieters off track - at times, completely derailing their dreams of weight loss.

More often than not they may wake up beside of the tracks, stunned by the results that over eating had on their diet plan. At times, it's enough to make an individual get off of their diet and revert to their former eating patterns - their unhealthy past.

If you find yourself at a party event and you're trying to lose pounds, I hope that you'll think about this diet article. Even if you fall off the edge of Diet Sanity - that you'll keep in mind that you can get right back on track before your weight loss plan totally derails. The impact of one splurge won't produce a plethora of weight gain. You'd have to consume 3,500 calories in order to gain just one pound.

Now onward and forward to our skinny shake recipe, shall we?

Non-Alcoholic Diet Drinks - Frank's Stein Skinny Shake Recipe

Serves 8 for about 110 calories each

1 small box of sugar free/fat free pistachio pudding prepared per directions on package using skim milk
2 cups of additional ice cold skim milk

8 Teaspoons of slivered almonds

1/2 a container of light whipped topping (15 calories per serving)

1 small can of crushed unsweetened pineapple  (or a regular-sized can) (do not drain pineapple)
1-3 packets of sugar substitute if extra sweetness is desired

4-6 ice cubes 

As soon as you mix up the pudding, before it has time to set add 2 cups of skim milk and the can of crushed, unsweetened pineapple.

As a note, if you can't find unsweetened pineapple - you can certainly use the sweetened varieties. If you do such, omit the sugar substitute. Pineapple canned in its natural juice is your healthiest option.

Next, add sugar substitute if desired and the ice cubes. Blend until incorporated. Pour into a punchbowl or individual serving glasses (or steins), and top each with 1 Tablespoon of whipped topping and 1 teaspoon of slivered almonds.

Party Diet Appetizer Recipes

Stuffed Pineapple Celery: This appetizer recipe will compliment the punch. You will need the following ingredients to prepare: 1 container of whipped cream cheese (it contains less calories than the solid block form), 1 small can of crushed pineapple, assorted celery sticks and ground cinnamon.

Preparations Notes: Be sure to remove all the strings commonly found on celery. After washing the celery, be sure to thoroughly dry the sticks. If you have ever stuffed celery and the filling wouldn't stick - it was probably because the celery was not thoroughly dry. The water causes the filling to slide rather than to adhere.

Place the whipped cream cheese into a small mixing bowl. Add the crushed pineapple and stir. I would recommend draining the pineapple, but you may need just a little of the juice to achieve a smooth consistency. Fill the celery sticks that are free of strings; sprinkle the tops with the ground cinnamon.

You can also add a few golden raisins to the filling mixture if desired as they go best with the colors; dark raisins or dried cranberries will also work and will add a splash of colorful notes.

You can also add a bit of chopped nuts such as pecans or walnuts to the filing mixture before smearing onto the celery sticks.

Dipped Chocolate Fruit:

This is a very simple recipe whose base is fresh fruit. The fruits that work well include: apples, strawberries, and peaches.

We have never tried it using pineapple, nectarines or honeydew melon. It's safe to say that chocolate dipped watermelon, kiwi and oranges aren't very appealing.

Simply dip whole strawberries, sliced apples and peaches into melted dark chocolate.

When dipping the apple and peach slices, dip only half-way up. Treat the fruit with a spray of citrus before dipping so that the flesh doesn't turn brownish as it is exposed to the air.

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