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Diet Skinny Shake Recipe
Fairy Island Dessert
With Fluffy Peach Pie Recipe

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Also Included in this Diet Article: Recipes for Whipped Topping & Whipped Cream

Fairy Island is so thick that it's more of dessert than a diet shake or diet drink.   However, due to the simplicity of preparation, you'll thank your sweet fairies for a creation so light, so warm, so soothing that you'll hear bells in your Diet Belfry.

Grab your ballet shoes and wand - and a pretty silver spoon. This tasty treat deserves only the best.

Fairy Island, a Low Calorie Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 6 for about 135  calories each

1 - 12 ounce container of THAWED light, reduced fat whipped topping
2 ripe bananas, mashed PLUS 2 ripe bananas, sliced

1  - 4 packets of Splenda or Equal if extra sweetness is desired

Dash of Ground Nutmeg and only a dash

Very CAREFULLY, stir topping, MASHED bananas and sweetener together. Again, you must do this very carefully or your topping will go so flat that it won't even fit into a training bra.

Carefully spoon into chilled clear parfait glasses or your favorite serving glasses. Top with the SLICED banana and sprinkle with ground nutmeg, if desired.

Weight Loss Tips, Low Calorie Recipes for Whipped Topping & Whipped Cream

Did you know that reduced fat whipped cream in the spray can contains less calories than frozen whipped topping? Yes indeedy - a teensy 15 calories per serving. Because it lives in the impressive Dairy Group it's a food that you can feel great about putting into your weight loss plan. Just ensure that you shop for the reduced fat variety - and check the label, one of your best helpers while losing pounds.

We have a few low calorie recipes prepared with whipped topping and whipped cream that can also fit nicely into your weight loss plan.

All are delicious - and very easy to prepare. So get out your sassy apron and let's get busy losing weight while having a bit of fun along the 'weigh', shall we?

Fluffy Peach Pie, a Diet Pie Recipe

You will need the following ingredients to prepare this recipe:

1 baked pie crust and you can use either the all-purpose flour crust or a graham cracker crust
1 bag of frozen sliced peaches that serves three; look on the label for serving sizes and you'll see that each contains only 50 skinny calories; you can also opt for fresh peaches or drained canned peaches packed in their natural juice
1 medium sized container of cool whip that is reduced fat, thawed
1 Tablespoon of ground cinnamon

Make certain that the pie crust is thoroughly cooled before adding the filling. The peaches should also be thoroughly thawed.

If you use fresh peaches, you may wish to cook them first for a more tender pie filling - but do allow them to cool thoroughly as they will melt the topping when the two are combined.

Begin preparing this recipe by coating the peaches with the ground cinnamon. Turn to coat the peach slices evenly.

Fold in the whipped topping very carefully. Transfer the filling to the prepared pie crust. Store in the refrigerator at least 1 hour before serving, then return any leftovers to the fridge.

This is a wonderful summer or spring time recipe and it's so easy to prepare with minimal ingredients. In less than two minutes, you can put the recipe together if the crust is baked and the peaches are thawed. It sure takes good on those warm summer days....

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