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Skinny Shake Recipe
Divine Chocolate Mint Diet Shake

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Non-Alcoholic Skinny Shake Recipe, Including Weight Loss Tips

Stunning in all its chocolate glory, our Divine Chocolate Mint shake is simply that - Divine.   Fudge bars, ice cream, mint - it's enough to make a grown dieter shed tears of Diet Bliss.   Grab the tissues and your blender. So good - yet so few calories.

Divine Chocolate Mint Diet Shake Recipe

Serves 3 for about 100 calories each

2 low fat ice cream bars equal to about 140 calories
1-3 packets of Splenda or Equal if extra sweetness is desired

1 cups of skim or reduced fat milk
, about 135 calories
1 teaspoon of chocolate-peppermint mini morsels

2-3 ice cubes

Pour all ingredients into your mixing bowl or blender and whirl until thick and frothy. Add a dollop of light whipped topping, a few grated chocolate morsels and a mint leaf before serving if desired.

You can add a dash of peppermint and chocolate extract to the skinny shake recipe if you desire a more intense flavor.

Weight Loss Tips: Why Can't I Lose Weight Faster?

Are you on a weight loss plan and having trouble losing weight at a very slow pace. If so, let's see if we can pin-point any issues that may be effecting metabolic rate - simply put, the speed of your metabolism.

Pick one of the following situations that most applies to you:

1. I just began a weight loss plan and I'm on a very caloric-restricted daily diet.

If you have just began a weight loss plan it's normal for the body's metabolism to move at a slow pace when calories are suddenly restricted. In the hunting and gathering days - food sources were never certain. One month may produce a bounty while the next, starvation.

In this situation, the body's metabolism moves at a very slow rate because it doesn't recognize food as food; it recognizes food as energy. Keep in mind that energy fuels thebody so that it can perform its necessary functions.

To conserve the precious energy, the body is naturally slowing metabolic rate. Doing such in the olden days meant the difference between life and death for many who lived in this era.

To boost your metabolism, stay on track with your diet plan as your body adjusts. The pounds will drop with time. However, if your new diet plan is too restrictive in caloric content it may render more harm than good. If you are on a diet that is less than 1,500 calories per day, you should meet with your doctor to ensure that your body is receiving maximum nutritional needs while you lose weight.

2. I've been on a weight loss plan for over a month now; everything was going great - I was losing those unwanted pounds quite quickly, then something happened and my weight loss stalled.

I haven't changed my diet; I'm careful about the number of calories that I consume per day and I balance those with moderate activity to boost weight loss results. Only the boosting thing isn't working.

In this type of situation, there could be two possible things happening. You may have reached a point in your weight loss plan where you are consuming the number of calories necessary to support your current weight.

Any future weight loss results will come only when daily calories are decreased.

Another possibility is that you've reached a weight loss plateau. The body must rest and come into balance - so if this is the case, be patient.

If you have more than fifty pounds to lose, you may experience several of these challenging plateaus along your way to weight loss success.

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