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Diet Skinny Drink Recipe
Call the Doctor

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Call the Doctor - the Diet Dr. Pepper that is! This tasty diet-friendly drink contains fizzy fun to add sparkle to your diet.

Call the Doctor, a Skinny Diet Drink

Serves 1 for about 65 calories

1 cup of diet Dr. Pepper
cup of vanilla low fat/light ice cream (130 calories per cup)
Spoon ice cream into frosted glass pour in soda and enjoy as soon as possible.

Recipes for Dieters: Sandwich Making Machines

A few years ago we purchased a very small machine that prepares all sorts of foods, specifically sandwiches. And oh my, have I had fun creating recipes for Diet Bites with this little wonder.

Our machine cost a tiny $5.00 and was an 'after holiday' special. It opens to reveal four small pockets which can be filled with ingredients.

The lid then closes and snaps; there are two lights on top of the little sandwich maker - red and green. When the food is done, the green light flashes on. And oh - the little pockets are also non-stick, which is a very nice plus.

Even after all this time, that little $5.00 machine is still going strong. It was one of the best investments that we've ever made.

Here are just a few recipes that we've created that are so easy to prepare and that can be a part of your weight loss plan:

Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

It's best to use the regular 60-calorie per serving margarine for this recipe as it produces a very crisp crust on the sandwich. If you use 70-calorie bread and cheese - the sandwich is still below 300 calories which is quite impressive for a toasted cheese.

Simply spread on the margarine on both slices of whole grain bread. Spread the margarine really thin to conserve fat grams and calories.

Place one slice of the bread into the sandwich maker with the 'buttered side' down; add the cheese then the other slice of bread so that the margarine is facing the top of the machine.

You can cook up to two sandwiches at once in our little machine - but it also does one very nicely. It takes about three minutesto produce a crunchy, buttery-flavored sandwich.

You can also take this recipe up a notch by adding lean deli ham to the sandwich. Or you can add your favorite saluted vegetables such as mushrooms, onion and bell pepper.

Or you can go simple and add sliced black olives to the sandwich. As you can see - your imagination can produce a countless number of original recipes that are low in caloric content and simply delicious.

Serve the sandwich with a serving of tomato basil soup for an addition 100 calories. Campbells makes a delicious canned tomato basil; it's absolutely fantastic! The basil is just right - and is not overpowering as seems to be the case with many commercially prepared recipes.

Eggs & Bacon, a low calorie diet recipe

The sandwich maker is also a great tool for breakfast meals such as eggs. Simply whisk one egg and add a shot of milk or cream; also add salt and cracked pepper.

You can even add a few real bacon bits. Pour into the sandwich machine, allowing room for the eggs to expand as they cook.

This is one of the most simple methods to prepare scrambled eggs.

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