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Diet Mood Connection

Article by Diet Bites


I'm not in the mood - for dieting that is!

Are you in the mood to lose those unwanted pounds?

If you can't seem to get in the mood for dieting, we'll do our best to get you there.  Dieting can be a pleasant experience, and a life-altering one at that!

It's Your Choice, Your Decision

Think about the last time that you had to make a choice in a situation that involved another person. Let's use Janice as our model:

Janice wanted to spend a lazy Saturday at home reading and snuggling inside her warm blanket on this cold December day.  

Her friend Pam called and asked Janice if should would like to go Christmas shopping with her.

Janice liked spending time with Pam.  They always had fun, so even though Janice wasn't in the mood to go shopping, she went with Pam.

She still had fun, but there wasn't a lot of excitement about her as they shopped.

On the other hand, Pam had a blast shopping.  She didn't even notice that Janice wasn't as enthused about shopping as she was.

The reason that Pam had so much fun shopping is because it is something that she felt like doing and something that she REALLY wanted to do.

That's how dieting can be.  If you go on a diet and you really aren't into it, then odds are, it's just not going to make you excited enough to stay on the diet plan.

On the other hand, if you are truly excited and motivated to go on a diet, odds are, you'll do VERY well!

The Maverick Dieter

Losing weight with a solid plan in place.


With a gazillion diets around, do you still find it hard to find a diet that's perfect for you?

Then perhaps it's time to become a Maverick Dieter...

Definition of the Maverick Dieter: a nonconformist dieter. An unbranded dieter. An adventurer - a food connoisseur who enjoys a challenge and who is also up to creating a challenge.

Diet plans are a bit like super heroes.

One may fly, one may be invincible to bullets, one may do a sweet bat dance like no other, so although there are many super heroes, there isn't one hero who is all and does all.

Some diets restrict carbs while others restrict calories.  Some allow snacks while some don't.  Some encourage multiple meals throughout the day while others recommend truncated meal times.  

Amid the whirl, you may find one aspect of a particular diet plan that you really love. Keep that good part and combine it with some savvy diet ideas of your own.

When you're done you may even call it the Popcorn on a South Beach Rice Diet.  Or, Grapefruit Beached, Cabbage Popped Diet Plan. Or, you just may want to call it The Maverick Diet Plan. Above all, keep your plan interesting, fun, healthy and be sure to add moderate exercise.

Be sure to keep in line with the recommended food pyramid so that you'll be getting all the vitamin and nutrients that your body needs.



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