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Blood Serum Cholesterol Levels

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Article by Diet Bites


Blood Serum Cholesterol

Everyone is different - they have different genes, metabolic rates, BP readings, and so forth.  

You may simply need to alter your daily diet and add more daily activity OR you may need a cholesterol-reducing medication in order to put the body back into balance as well as reduce risk to vital organs.

Human Body Naturally Produces Cholesterol

Keep in mind that the body naturally produces cholesterol - and that not all is bad. When you get tested at your doctor's office, the number detailing the amount of good cholesterol is a good indicator to health risks - and there are things that you can do to increase that number in a positive direction - like exercising as well as avoiding foods that are rich in fatty acid content, such as the fried varieties.

About Medications to Control Cholesterol

If your doctor prescribes medication to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control, DO NOT quit taking the medications without his/her approval. Instead, call and ask a professional at the office how you can get off of the medication. They may want you to make an appointment to ensure that you no longer need the drug before allowing you to wean.  

Reduction in Bad & Increase in Good Cholesterol Requires Time

With many of the cholesterol reducing medications, it make take many months before noticeable results appear.  

Due to your family history and chemical make-up, your doctor may prescribe these types of medications even if you are 'normal' weight, very active or eat a healthy daily diet.  

Many times, genes alone rule and it may difficult to control cholesterol even with medications. This is when your doctor's expertise is vital.

Foods Rich in Cholesterol Content

Food: 1 Cup unless noted


Muffins, blueberry, prepared from recipe, made with low fat - one


Cheese, Neufchatel - one oz


Pork, cured, bacon, cooked, broiled, pan-fried or roasted - 3 medium slices


Cream, fluid, heavy whipping, 1 Tablespoon


Fast foods, sundae, hot fudge - one


Puddings, rice, ready-to-eat - 4 oz


Bread, egg, 1/2" slice


Coffeecake, cinnamon with crumb topping, commercially made and enriched - 1 slice


Fast foods, Danish pastry, cheese, one pastry


Milk, chocolate, fluid, commercial, reduced fat, 1 cup



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