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Natural Soup Recipes

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Easy Soups to Prepare For Your Diet, Made With Natural Ingredients

The following soup recipes are very quick and easy to prepare and one makes use of commercially prepared soup. Our suggestions can turn a can of soup into a meal with minimal effort. Grab your apron!

Grandmother's Soup

This soup begs to be made from scratch and one of the quickest soups to prepare is potato soup. Simply zap a batch of potatoes in the microwave and scoop out the white flesh. Transfer to a deep pot and discard the potato skins.

Add milk, light margarine, salt and pepper to the pot. Also add a bit of dried parsley. For a few more calories you can add some Half & Half which gives the soup a richer texture.

Use an old-fashioned potato masher to break the potato into tiny bits. Heat thoroughly and enjoy with a loaf of crusty whole grain bread.

Red Riding Hood Soup Recipe

This little girl owned a red cape so it's only natural that this recipe is for Tomato Soup. Tomatoes that are vine-ripened and fresh from the garden work best for this recipe as they tend to be very sweet.

Drop the whole tomatoes into boiling water then remove as the skin begins to peel. Dunk in cold water and remove the skins when the tomatoes are cool enough to handle.

Core and remove the stem area of the tomato and place the remainder in a deep pot. Mash the whole tomatoes into bits.

Add fresh milk and a bit of basil to the pot. Add salt and pepper as needed. Heat and enjoy.

Diet Recipe for Teddywinkle Soup

Prepare ramen noodles as directed on the package except do not use the seasoning package. It's very extreme in sodium content and can blow the body clean over the moon. Add one teaspoon of light margarine.

Also add a bit of drained canned carrots. Add pepper if desired. This is a very quick and delicious soup.

Easy Country Bumpkin Pumpkin Soup

Cook one butternut squash and remove the flesh. Place into a deep pot and mash with a potato masher into small bits.

Add milk and ground cinnamon. The amount of liquid added will depend upon personal preference of the thickness of the soup. Add as much or little of the cinnamon as you wish to again, suit personal taste. Heat thoroughly and enjoy.


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