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Boiled Egg Diet

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Low in Calories, Perfect Food For Dieters

Eggs are so low in calories and so beautiful on the plate. One of any size hovers around 100 calories, including boiled eggs.

Let's see how the dieter can put these golden-centered beauties to work in their weight loss plan...

Add to Salads

The next time you prepare a fresh salad filled with Mother Nature's Good Earth, try adding a sliced boiled egg to ramp-up the flavor.

Pair With Low Fat Gravy & Sauces

While gravy is generally a no-no amid diet time, it can indeed be part of a healthy diet. When commercially prepared gravy packets or jars of gravy are used, the caloric content is very easy to calculate at a glance.

Most contain about 50 calories per 1/4 cup so be sure to measure and don't over-do.

Try adding a sliced boiled egg to the gravy. Remember the flavors of the holiday and the giblet gravy? This is very reminiscent.

Easy Recipe for Spinach-Strawberry Salad With Boiled Eggs

Try the following salad combination: fresh baby spinach, sliced strawberries, a few dried cranberries, boiled egg slices and a fruit-based light salad dressing. Yum!

Devil or Angel?

The most popular food to prepare out of boiled eggs is deviled eggs. You know the routine - smash the egg yolk, add salt, pepper, a dash of mustard, a spoon of sweet pickle relish - and Mayo, but this time, add Light Miracle Whip for zippy deviled eggs. Fill the whites and sprinkle with ground paprika.

Acidic Foods Compliment Flavors

Think about the flavor of the recipes we've mentioned thus far. All have an acidic flavor which compliments boiled eggs. Nothing works best than white distilled vinegar. Slice the boiled eggs and sprinkle with vinegar. Delicious and so simple.

Quick Pickled Boiled Egg Recipe

When your pickle jar gets empty but is still filled with juice, add a few boiled eggs and allow them to pickle. Enjoy quickly as they do not keep long.

Quick Asian Refried Rice Recipe

Asian Refried Rice: Prepare rice, drain and then add a bit of soy sauce. Also add drained English peas as well as crumbled boiled eggs. You can also use your favorite Oriental sauce in the rice for unique and personalize flavor.

In Summary, Calories, Daily Recommended Intake

But don't stop with the above recipe tips - just keep thinking of original ways you can incorporate boiled eggs into your weight loss plan. Because eggs contain significant protein grams they can assist in keeping the dieter feeling full for long periods of time - satiety powers.

One jumbo egg contains about 8 protein grams. That's quite a substantial amount.

Be sure to limit your egg consumption to one per day as recommended by the government agencies at this writing, and that includes other foods consumed throughout the day - as well as beverages, which contain egg.

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