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Fat Hero, a Weight Loss Success Story

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A cloud of dust over the horizon. Look!  It's Lone Ranger & Tonto here to save the Diet Day!

Ruthie Was Sick & Tired of Dieting

Ruthie was at her Diet Rope's End. This must have been the 100th or so diet that she had went on in her lifetime.

At twenty-three she was getting so tired of diets, she thought as she gazed through the open window enjoying her dinner, looking out at the peaceful herd of cows in the distance as the sun sank in the western horizon.

Our Heroes Appear....

Look!  Over the horizon - a man on a white horse blaring through the Diet Kismet - riding straight towards Ruthie's open window.

"Woe, Silver," he commands the beautiful white horse.

Ruthie bats her eyes in confusion as a handsome Indian charges up beside of the stranger and commands his ride, "Woe, Scout. Steady boy."

Ruthie bolts out a scream and holds her napkin to her mouth, the one embedded with the Alfredo sauce that she was enjoying for dinner - that is before these two strangers had appeared in her window.

"Don't be afraid of the mask," the first stranger warned her.

"I'm not," Ruthie assured. "I'm allergic to horses, you fruitcake."

Bingeing Generally Follows a Failed Diet

The Lone Ranger touched his beardless face with a white-gloved hand while Tonto pried, "What you have for dinner, young woman?"

Ruthie responded, "A little something leftover from before I went on my diet yesterday.  More pointedly, comfort food."

"Your diet lasted only one day?" the masked man inquired, removing his white hat in gentlemanly fashion.

"So what's it to you?" Ruthie hurled out, a bit unhappy about the polite bandit's line of questioning.  And those spandex pants were horrendous.

"Hum, Alfredo not healthy for young woman," Tonto drawled from beside of Lone Ranger, his horse prancing a bit beneath him.

"Hum, but Tonto understand. Several moons ago, the Lone Ranger himself pretty big man. Not talking "important big" either. Talking big mountain, happy valley, short tree."

Ruthie perked her brows in interest, easing out, "Really?"

"That's right, ma'am," Lone Ranger assured with a half smile. "Then I met Tonto who showed me all the things that I was doing wrong in my diet. Once I made some changes, the unwanted weight began to fall off of me."

Fat Hero Not So Fat Anymore

He paused to straighten his back, then said, "Yes, I used to hide behind this mask because I was ashamed of my weight.  Now, I hide behind the mask for a different reason."

Ruthie could care less about his ridiculous mask.  Probably a delusional fan of Zoro or something; a marked masked man, she silently decided.

Weight Loss Advice

"Mr. Tonto, just what was your dieting advice to Mr. Lone?" Ruthie inquired urgently.

Tonto told her, "Lone Ranger needed a diet plan. Lone Ranger went on one diet, then another diet but he never sat down to make big diet plan. So he always had big diet failure."  

He paused to gaze at the golden setting sun, then continued, "Many times, diet fails because people decide to go on diet, then venture about wildly without idea of how they will lose weight."

Losing Weight Requires a Plan - Not a Diet

"Hum, a diet plan," Ruthie drawled in thought.  "Yes, that's what I need. Why, I'll do that right now. Where's my pen and pad?" she asked herself, rising to search.

She returned shortly, only to discover that the two men had vanished. "How odd," she eased out thoughtfully. "And I wanted to thank them."

But she had second thoughts when she spied a silver bullet on the window sill.


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