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Lemon Tips

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Calories, Nutrition in Lemons

One lemon contains about 15 calories.

One pound of lemons contains about 130 calories.

This sour drop of sunshine can assist with your weight loss plan in a very significant manner. From adding immunity power to adding flavor to foods.

Here are some of Diet Bites favorite tips for this super fruit that resides inside the Fruit Group of the official American Food Pyramid, and also in the Citrus Family.

Dieting Tips for Lemons

diet grazingLemons are a super food and this citrus goddess holds so much Vitamin C content that it can assist like nobody's business in fighting certain illnesses, particularly amid the cold and flu season of the year.

diet grazingOne lemon that is about 2 inches in diameter contains only 17 calories. That Vitamin C that we mentioned? Over 30 milligrams - which is super impressive. Because the lemon is so low in caloric values, it remains on the Favorite Food List of most dieters. Let's see how we can add oomph to our weight loss plan by using the luscious, lovely, yellow lemon.

Excellent With Fish & Seafood

diet grazingFish: Lemon and fish were created for one another. The next time that you prepare seafood, including shellfish, rather than reaching for the loaded tartar sauce which is mined with more fat calories than the moon has cheese, reach for the yellow burst of citrus instead - which adds virtually zero calories per squeeze.

Lemon Pepper

diet grazingOne of our favorite seasonings is lemon pepper. Try it on pan-roasted chicken and pork chops for a unique, bold flavor. Lemon Pepper Chicken beats fried chicken all to pieces.

Fast Food Lemonade Recipe

diet grazingFast Food Lemonade: If that paper cup of water or diet soda is getting boring with your meal - an we trust that your selections were very wise and fit into your weight loss plan, then try making a lemonade.

Many fast food restaurants offer packets of lemon juice for their customers - and it's generally used for the ice tea selections. However, you can make a darling lemonade with one or two packets and a few packets of your favorite sugar substitute. Zero calories and one-hundred percent delicious flavor!

Great for Lightening & Keeping Foods From Turning Brown Due to Exposure to Air

diet grazingBrightener and lightener for foods that turn brown or other unsightly colors when the peeling is removed. Just spray or squeeze a little mist onto the peeled food and no more browning.

Fantastic Cleaner, Air Freshener

diet grazingThey make an excellent cleaner too - as well as a hair lightener. If you want lighter hair or a sun-kissed look, rinse with lemons; for darker hair, rinse with distilled vinegar.

diet grazingThis beauty also serves the cook well in sweetening up the scent of the kitchen - from cutting boards to sponges. For cutting boards, squeeze the juice onto the board and wipe with the sponge.


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