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How Body Processes Food

Written by Diet Bites


How our food is processed by the body.

When contemplating the inner workings of dieting, our bodies are equipped with some of the snazziest internal food processors on the planet.

Our bodies must process every item that we put into our mouth. Sometimes, it's a very big job. As an example, would we try to fit a watermelon into our food processor at home?  

Of course not.  

Unfortunately, that's exactly what some of us try to do to our internal food processor. The result creates an overload.

Although our bodies must process everything that we eat, if we are continually overloading our internal processor, the job isn't going to be performed at maximum efficiency.

Situations Which Lead to Overstuffing

We may feel too full; we may feel like we need energized; and we will definitely gain weight whenever we try to put too much food into our internal food processor.

At times we may overload with food because it makes us feel good or comforted. Other times, we simply enjoy the textures and flavors of what we are eating.

We may also over indulge when we're at an event, such as a party, and we become so wrapped-up and engrossed in the activity and events that we don't realize what we're eating, or the amounts.

Everyone is Different

Since we all don't have the same chemical make-up, and we aren't all the same sex, same age, same height, and same muscle mass each of us require different amounts of food for our internal processor.  

There are many charts that give us insight to what we should eat, and there's the food pyramid that outlines what we should eat - as well as the amounts that we should eat, but these are simply examples - patterns if you will, to help us plan our daily diets.

In order to meet the needs of every person, there would need to be thousands of charts and examples, and that in itself would become confusing.

If you aren't sure about how much food that you need to put inside of your internal food processor, begin with the official food pyramid.

It's also a good idea to meet with your doctor or nutritionist who can better pinpoint your nutritional needs and lay out any concerns.

Until that time, go easy on the old internal food processor.  It's got to last you a lifetime.


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