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How to Lower Bad Cholesterol Levels

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Recommended Daily Intake for Cholesterol

The official Food Pyramid which clearly recommends incorporating fat in our daily diet.  Their recommendation: SPARINGLY.

Go Skim & Reach for Natural Foods to Reduce Cholesterol Intake

Skim dairy products will slice a good wedge of fat from your diet.

Prepared foods are generally packed with more fat than nutrition. Natural Foods Rule when it comes to lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Always opt for fresh fruit over sugary desserts.

Root for more vegetables AND saturate them with low sodium spices over butter, sour cream and bacon bits which are high in saturated fat.

Incorporate healthy foods such as grains, fresh veggies and fruits into your daily diet.  Make your diet one that intakes less than 300 mg of cholesterol per day.

Nutrition Food Labels Assist in Keeping Cholesterol Intake in Your Control

Notice those food labels and learn how to read them. Search for those foods lowest in fats.

Keep in mind that labels can be confusing in regards to the daily recommendations because they are based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet - which is considered average - and perhaps one of the biggest reasons that we've gotten off track where daily amounts are concerned!  

Therefore, be sure to adjust to meet your personal daily recommendations.

Go - go - go!  Activity gets the blood moving!  Think of your car's engine and how from time to time, your better half 'blows it out' to get rid of the clogged buildup. Yeah.

Lean on lean cuts of meat; trim away visible fat.

Yes to fish which contains polyunsaturated fat and will help reduce the bad levels of cholesterol in the body.

Quit Smoking, Strive to Maintain Recommended Weight

Other health notes: Say no to smoking, yes to keeping your weight under control.  

The best way to reduce your cholesterol level is to get with your doctor for guidance.  Everyone is different - different genes, different metabolism, and so forth!  

Therefore, your doctor is your best source for getting to the root of your cholesterol woes. You may simply need to alter your daily diet and add more daily activity OR you may need a cholesterol-reducing medication. Continue


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