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Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Written by Diet Bites


Different Fats Impact the Human Body....Differently

FACT:  All dietary fat is not created equal.

There are so many terms regarding dietary fat being tossed about these days: saturated, unsaturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, Trans - and oh, let's not forget about cholesterol.

What does all the fancy lingo mean and how can the different types impact your state of health?

Let's get acquainted with the two basic types and we'll begin by examining the definitions that related to such:

Saturated Fatty Acids

Definition of Saturated: To fill completely with something that permeates till there is no further tendency to combine; soaked; retained; absorbed.

While this is the standard definition of this word, in fat-form it works much the same once it enters the human body.

While it can be damaging to heart health, it originally triggers damage in the liver. Fortunately, this vital organ of the human body has the ability to repair itself - but only to a certain degree.

In addition, saturated fat raises bad cholesterol levels 'more effectively' than any other type of fat excepting Trans - and that's NOT a good thing, particularly when the eating plan is mined with such.

A good way to remember this fatty acid is to think along these lines: Saturated fat saturates the body with fat.  

Recommended Daily Amounts for Saturated Fatty Acids

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that we limit our saturated fat intake to less than 10% of our daily food calories to help lower those bad levels of cholesterol.

Therefore, if Sam is on a 2000 daily eating plan, then only 200 calories from food choices should contain this type of fatty acid.

Why so low?

We return to the heart, liver and negative serum blood cholesterol and the negative impact that all of these can have on our body, decreasing our quality of life - as well as the amount of time we're up-and-kicking.

But these three areas aren't the only ones impacted by excessive fats in the daily eating plan.

Over consumption can also trigger certain types of cancers, diabetes, and even common maladies such as excessive pain during certain times of the month for women.

Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat are two types of unsaturated fats and work to reduce bad levels of cholesterol in the body. Foods to look for include fish, vegetable oils and nuts. Previous Page | Continue Reading


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