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Imitation Rum Cake

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A Quick Imitation Rum Cake Recipe for Dieters

If you're looking for an 'unloaded' rum cake recipe that contains fewer calories than the full-blown deal, we have one that might fit the bill.

You will need the following recipe ingredients to prepare:

1 box of yellow cake mix with pudding in the mix
Imitation Rum - 1 Tablespoon + Imitation Vanilla
1 Cup of ripened mashed banana
3 Eggs
Water as directed on cake package
Walnuts or pecans, about 1/2 cup
Brown Sugar - about 1/2 cup and either light or dark work great in this recipe

Prepare cake mix by adding three eggs and the water and beating into a smooth consistency. Add the mashed banana - and you'll want to wait until just before you add the banana to mash it to prevent browning.

Add the imitation rum and vanilla - 1 Tablespoon of each. Stir to incorporate into cake batter.

Take a tube pan - based on the sizes recommended on the commercial cake mix package and spray it with cooking spray. Arrange the nuts around the ring at the base of the pan. Sprinkle the brown sugar over the nuts in an even matter. Now add the cake batter.

Cook as directed on the cake mix package in a preheated oven.

Rum Extract for Your Diet Plan

While there are a lot of 'spirit lovers' in the world it's also balanced with tee-totalers who cringe at the mere mention of alcohol.

These individuals shy from hot buttered rum, heavily spiked rum punch as well as rum cake - even if the alcohol has been 'cooked' out due to heat.

Therefore, good old imitation rum certainly has a place in the common man's diet and it can offer a splash of sophistication to many recipes and favorite foods.

And imitation rum can even enhance the flavors of foods that are commonly found in a dieter's menu.

Let's see what healthy and tasty nuggets we can uncover in the way of reduced calorie drinks without the spirits....

Imitation Rum for Diet Drinks

One of my favorite ways to use rum is in diet drinks, specifically cola based soda. I add just a pinch as too much can spoil the drink. And that little pinch adds a whole lot of sassiness.

Imitation rum also compliments egg nog so well. Again, just a pinch will suffice. Often I will take the egg nog a level higher by adding just a pinch of ground egg nog.

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