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Hip to Waist Health Risks

Written by Diet Bites


Does the measurements of our bodies influence our health risks and life span?

Due to a plethora of tests by the medical world, we are bombarded with new information on a daily basis - some helpful, some healthful and some frightening.

Just a few topics that have been studied include hair testing, ear lobe size and hip to waist health risks.

There's the ear lobe scenario which supposedly indicates heart attack risks. Woe to those with those unlucky lobes.

No matter how you look at it, it's been decided for us: "It's not good to have long ears."

State of Health Determines by Hair Strand

Then there's the hair strand study, a study that indicated that the current health state of an individual can be determined by examining a strand of hair.

Next, we have the size of the hand studies and how that relates to different parts of the body.  No wonder men are wearing gloves these days - and you thought it was the Michael Jackson craze, didn't you?  Yes, me too.

Apple, Pear Body Shape, Health Risks

And then there's that body apple/body pear thing and again, no matter how you look at it, it's just not good to be an apple. And we thought apples were good - but based on this study, it just isn't the case.  

So that brings us to the hip to waist ratio health concerns, and health risks associated with those unfortunate people who were born apples instead of pears.

Pear or Apple Shape Defines Health

These apple/pear body studies indicate that where we carry our weight and store our fat may be just as important in relation to health risks as how much we weigh.

Apples pack more weight in the stomach area; pears pack more weight in the hip area. See, it's good to be hip, isn't it?

Supposedly, apples are more at risk for heart attack, stroke and diabetes than pears. And on the surface that would seem logical as abdominal fat is associated with a plethora of diseases - but here is the kicker.....

The health risks are the same for those persons who are at what is considered normal weight as for those who are considered over their normal weight. There is just no way out for we apples, is there?  waist to hip ratio formula


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