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Hip to Waist Ratio Formula

Written by Diet Bites


More than ever, it's so important to be 'hip'!

The waist to hip ratio is determined by dividing your waist circumference by your hip circumference; all measurements are in inches.

Here's a quick self test that will help you identify your fruit type - be it pear or apple.

As a note, women may wish to forego this hip to waist ratio exercise until after a certain time of the month as bloating will influence the outcome.

The same applies to individuals who have enjoyed high octane foods such as beans, broccoli, peanuts and corn.  

Formula for Hip to Waist Ratio

diet bites, weight loss, diet While standing, measure your bare waist at its smallest point without holding in or pushing out your tummy.

Keep in mind that here is where a healthy dose of daily exercise comes in great as muscles are toned, making you look smaller than you actually are; that's just one great reason to include abdominal strengthening in your plan. While you are losing the fat, you can build muscle and look several pounds leaner amid the process.

diet bites, weight loss, diet Measure your bare hips at the widest area.

diet bites, weight loss, dietTo determine your hip to waist ratio, divide your waist inches measurement by your hip inches measurement.  

Indicators of Increased Health Risks

The red flags that may indicate an increased health risk include:

When the waist to hip ratio exceeds 1.0 for both men and women.

Women exceeding a 35 inch waist measurement and men exceeding a 40 inch waist measurement.

Again, there are stipulations as when it comes to the human body and size - nothing is set in stone. We aren't all created out of identical molds - and some of us may have a form that doesn't conform to this standard formula.

Ideal Hip to Waist Ratio Measurements

Women should take aim for a .80 waist to hip ratio. Men should take aim for a .90 waist to hip ratio.

Take note that this short test may not be a reliable risk indicator and the numbers can become busy.

For example, if we plug in a 50 inch waist with a 75 inch hip measurement, the risk factor equals .67. Return to Previous Page


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