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Grapefruit Diet Tips

Article by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Health: Some Medications Don't Mix With Grapefruit

Let's start out by making note that if you are taking any medications, you should speak with your personal physician to ensure that grapefruit can remain on your eating plan.

The reason why is because grapefruit may interfere with some medications, at times creating serious side effects and present risks to your health. If you are taking blood pressure medication in particular, be sure to ask your doctor if grapefruit will effect the performance of the drug.

The Super Fruit

Well, fact is - all fresh fruit specimens are considered as super foods. Some deliver more healthy benefits than others. For example, blueberries excel as they have powerful antioxidant powers.

Others, like the grapefruit, contain so few caloric values that they are perfect for most weight loss plans.

Because they can be tart - depending upon where they are grown and harvested, it's tempting at times to add a few spoons of sugar. At this point, go grab your 1/4 cup, measurement cup from your kitchen. See how small that it is? If you're like most individuals, you may be adding about this amount to up the sweetness factor of this tart fruit. If so, you're also adding about 200 kcals to that once-skinny fruit choice. Therefore, be very careful about how much that you add. Use a teaspoon or two and be done.

If you like sugar substitute, then you can add freely for zero additional calories.

Dieting Tips for this Super Fruit

1. Add the juice to your first meal of the day. The impressive Vitamin C content will boost your immunity which is exceptionally important during fall, winter and spring - the most common months for bouts of flu and the common cold.

Each fruit contains almost 80 milligrams of Vitamin C content. As we said - that's pretty impressive. And the entire fruit - one that measures about four inches in diameter, contains only 80 kcals.

2. Add sections to your next healthy salad.

3. The juice will assist in keeping foods that are exposed to air and turn brown, from discoloring.

4. If you do happen to become ill with an infection or a cold, the Vitamin C content in this fruit will assist in speeding up your recovery time. It's a fantastic natural healer.

5. It makes a delicious punch additive and goes well with that tray of reduced fat cheeses and assorted crackers and other fresh fruit at your next summer or spring party.

In Summary

One of the downsides to this super fruit is the acidity content which can eat away at tooth enamel. Therefore, after consuming it's a good idea to rinse the mouth at minimum - and to brush when possible.


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