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Rate Your Current Daily Diet

At this moment, if someone where to ask you to rate your current daily diet what would your response be? Would it deserve a bronze, silver, gold - or perhaps a tarnished medal? Or perhaps no medal at all?

If your response is less than enthusiastic, not to worry because have we got some stellar advice that will take your current daily diet from tarnished to solid gold!

The Most Important Element of Weight Loss

The old saying, 'you are what you eat' is absolutely spot-on. What we choose in our daily diet to pass through our lips will end up on the hips for certain if we go overboard in the calorie department.

There are so many things to think about when dieting but the following are the three that should be the central focus. Let's simplify our diet plan:

- We must restrict our current amount of daily calories to generate weight loss results;

- We must choose foods housed within the Official Food Pyramid to ensure a healthy diet plan;

- We must balance our daily diet with a healthy dose of activity.

Let's first address the challenge of restricted calories.

A 1,500 calorie diet plan for most individuals will give room for meeting the body's required nutritional needs while also having space for a good selection of foods and beverages to choose from.

And at 1,500 calories the unwanted weight will indeed come off and the weight loss experience will be much easier as well as more pleasant than a daily diet severely restricted in calories.

Keep in mind that calories is just another term for 'energy'. The caloric values of foods equal energy or fuel for the body.

Healthy Food Groups Essential for Optimum Nutrition

Let's move on to the next issue of Food Groups. The government has revised the Food Pyramid. It's now the Food Plate:

picture of Official Food Plate

The protein section of the plate may contain either vegetable or animal proteins such as black beans or grilled fish.

The grain section should hold whole grain choices when possible like rice and whole grain bread. As to vegetables - get colorful when your choices and don't stop with one.

This area has ample room for at least two vegetables as they are very low in calories. Dairy generally equals a cup of reduced fat milk with your meal. And the fruit - it's the new dessert section.

In Summary

In summary let's discuss activity. If exercise is frustrating see what your answers are to the following questions:

Do you want to lose weight at a faster rate? Do you want to eat more due to increased muscle mass versus fat mass? Do you want your body to tone as you lose weight or would you prefer sagging skin? Do you want a stronger body? Do you want to feel more energetic? Do you want a faster metabolism?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you can accomplish everything therein by embracing a healthy dose of exercise. Be certain to choose something you enjoy.


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