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2000 Calorie Daily Allowance

Written by Diet Bites


True or False?

2,000 Calories per day is the ideal number of calories that should be consumed daily.


This is a very common misconception because most labels base the nutrition facts on a 2,000 calorie daily diet. Two thousand calorie daily diets are generally the standard for product labels.

The Standard for Setting Daily Nutritional Needs, Recommendations

The 2,000 kcals per day diet is often used by the USDA to provide an example of proper nutrition. The number of calories is based on the average adult caloric needs who is at their recommended healthy weight.

But keep in mind - that this is merely a pattern for establishing healthy eating habits. Let's say that Sam requires this amount of energy each day to support his current healthy weight. It would require a miracle for him to consume that exact amount of calories each and every day of his life. And on some days, he may perform more activity than on other days - thus impacting his 'needed' energy intake.

Other things that could influence the amount of energy that Sam needs each day include the following.

1. Illness

When we're ill, the body tends to require a few more calories as it battles the infection or pain.

2. Elements of Nature

The human body burns more energy in cold weather. Someone climbing in the arctic regions of the world could require 6,000 or more calories in order to keep the body performing well.

3. Muscle Mass

Muscle requires more calories than fat. If Sam got into weight lifting or training, his body would develop more muscle mass, thus requiring a higher caloric intake. Muscle mass also weighs more than fat mass, so although Sam may end up weighing more - he'd look thinner and be in a healthier state.

4. Age

As Sam grows older, in order to remain at his recommended healthy weight, he will need to trim back energy intake as the body doesn't work as efficiently as it did in younger years.

5. Metabolic Rate

The rate at which our caloric intake is performed impacts body weight. A slower metabolic rate could also indicate an issue within the body, such as thyroid imbalance.

Summary of Energy Needs - They Differ From Person to Person

The number of calories that an individual requires in their daily diet differs from one individual to the next.

In fact, our bodies are so efficient that each of us require a different number of calories each and every day depending upon our current level of health, our activity level and so forth.

So whereas an individual may have a very good idea of the number of calories their bodies uses on a daily basis, that number is continually changing.

It's just one more thing that makes weight maintenance - as well as weight loss, tricky.


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